The much-loved 2024 Viki K-drama Lovely Runner has ended. The highly-anticipated episode 16 (finale) aired on tvN and Viki on Tuesday, May 28, 2024. With a fascinating time-slip storyline and undeniable chemistry between the lead couple, Ryu Sun-Jae (Byeon Woo-Seok) and Im Sol (Kim Hye-Yoon), the drama kept fans hooked from beginning to end.

Fans were undoubtedly eager to find out whether their favorite on-screen pair had a happy or sad ending. The finale episode took viewers on an enthralling journey. Sun-Jae and Sol finally came together without any obstacles. But what is the fate of their relationship?

Lovely Runner Ep 16 ending & spoilers: Did Byeon Woo-Seok & Kim Hye-Yoon get married?

The K-drama ended on a highly satisfactory note as Sun-Jae and Sol got engaged. They never got married, but episode 16 (finale) of Lovely Runner treated viewers with glimpses of their picture-perfect wedding ceremony, which the characters imagined.

However, the episode began with a bit of a thrill. Kim Tae-Sung (Song Geon-Hee) saved Sun-Jae by stopping Kim Young-Soo from hitting him with his car. Sun-Jae fell to the ground and lost consciousness. Meanwhile, the Young-Soo escaped. However, a truck hit him fatally during the intense chase through a busy road, and he fell into the river. It was later revealed that he had passed away.

After Im Sol learned about this incident, she ran to see Ryu Sun-Jae at the hospital. In the meantime, Sun-Jae regained his consciousness and rushed to meet Sol. Finally, the two met outside the hospital, where Sun-Jae told Sol he remembered everything. They embraced each other and kissed, creating a tender and emotional moment.

In Lovely Runner episode 16 (finale), Sun-Jae and Sol begin secretly dating due to Sun-Jae’s popularity as an actor. But the two always wanted to stay close to one another. Thus, they spend a lot of time together, loving each other. The episode showcases several heartwarming romantic moments between the two.

Toward the end of the episode, Sun-Jae decides to propose to Im Sol for marriage. Thus, he arrives at Sol’s nephew’s birthday party. Unfortunately, it takes place at his father’s restaurant, where their families meet and discuss marriage before the couple can. That night, Sun-Jae had it all planned to ask Sol for marriage. However, he postponed his plan after discovering Sol’s desire to start her journey to become a movie director.

Moments later, episode 16 (finale) of Lovely Runner alerts viewers that some time has passed, and Sol has finally finished directing her movie. She and Sun-Jae meet and walk together, holding hands. At this exact moment, Sun-Jae proposes to Sol with a ring. Sol accepts the proposal with tears of joy in her eyes.
The finale ended with the couple imagining their marriage ceremony. It also allowed viewers to witness glimpses of Sol and Sun-Jae as a bride and groom.

Viewers can watch all episodes of Lovely Runner online on Viki.

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Viki K-Drama Lovely Runner Episode 16 (Finale) Ending Explained & Spoilers: Happy or Sad Ending?