I’ve got a must-watch video here for you to check out that explores the original Star Wars films and how they were initially designed as silent movies and how the stories are carried by music.

George Lucas has said that Star Wars films are basically silent movies and that they are made to be understood without the use of dialogue, and instead are built on a combination of music and editing.

This video from CinemaStix explains how this is true due to the universally recognized themes within each movie.

The stories are deeply thematic, symbolic, elemental really, in their representations of say, good and evil, dark and light. Universally recognized concepts and age-old archetypes and conflicts presented through physical expression through characterization through action staging costuming color and of course through music.

Boyd also compares these classic movies to highly relatable films of the silent era. He said:

Silent era films were particularly remarkable and cherished for the way they were able to cross language barriers be universally understood without translation.

This is a very interesting video that will open your eyes to the visual storytelling of Star Wars. This is something that has been lost as the franchise has grown into what its has become.

The storytelling has gotten lazy for many of the projects under Disney’s rule of the franchise.

Joey Paur

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Video Explores How The STAR WARS Films Were Designed as Silent Movies Carried By Music — GeekTyrant