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Hello, I’m Shigeo Komori, the Game Director at Atlus and we are excited to bring Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance to PlayStation fans. In celebration of today’s new trailer, I want to share more details about the game ahead of its June 14 launch on PS5 and PS4.  

Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance launches June 14 on PS5 and PS4 – full details on enhanced gameplay

Battle system 

SMT V: Vengeance introduces a multitude of new skills across 270 new and familiar demons, including powerful new Magatsuhi Skills. These unison skills are unlocked after receiving a new kind of talisman called a periapt, which states the skill and demons required to use it. Gather these demons as your allies to command the tactical advantage in battle: unleash fearsome attacks, improve your chances with support skills, or bestow life-saving healing effects on your team. 

More powerful skills mean more powerful foes – explore the apocalyptic netherworld known as Da’at and encounter glowing red enemies called Magatsuhi demons. These enemies are stronger than your typical demon and will hunt you down if you’re not careful! Emerge victorious and you will be rewarded with higher amounts of Macca, EXP, and even stat-boosting Incense. Be on your guard, as unlike normal enemy encounters these demons will wield fierce Magatsuhi Skills.  

As a reward for our devoted fans, when certain conditions have been met the level cap will be increased from 99 to 150. Additionally, upon completing specific tasks the game will unlock the punishing Godborn difficulty mode, with all enemy demons now level 150 – a challenge that will test the prowess of even the most hardened SMT veteran. 

The battle system has also received various updates and adjustments, such as being able to use magic skills during auto-battle. These system updates and new elements will be applied to Canon of Vengeance and Canon of Creation. 

New demon experiences 

Players can now take control of an individual demon during special side quests. During these quests the player will guide the actions of a demon, such as fan-favorites Alice and Pixie, as well as new characters like Nahobeeho, to complete a variety of non-combat tasks around various locations throughout the game. These quests give players a better understanding of an area by using each demon’s particular skills for exploration and allow players to spend more time with their favorite demons. They also allow players to better understand demons and their personalities, especially their thoughts about humans. Upon the quest’s completion, the demon may become your new Demon Navigator! 

SMT V: Vengeance also adds more ways to interact with demons through a new feature called Demon Haunts. Here the player can enjoy special conversations with demons, friends, and even Aogami to improve the Nahobino’s abilities. Receive new rewards and level up through conversations, and even take a nostalgic picture of your favorite demon or ally with the free camera mode (available only in Demon Haunts). Talking with your demon party members will increase their stats as well, so be sure to return to these safe areas to chat often and create an unstoppable team! 

Greater field exploration

Map exploration has been enhanced by including elements like Magatsuhi for fast travel, a sky view for a wider look around the area, and a full map view unobstructed by the Abscesses that previously blocked the path. Magatsuhi Rails provide shortcuts and open more areas to explore compared to the original, including secret locations that can only be discovered via rail travel. The Canon of Vengeance storyline includes entirely new locations in Da’at, and we hope players feel a sense of wonder as they explore the vast Shinjuku Ward and mysterious dungeon Shakan. 

Traversing Da’at is never a chore with a Quest Navigator by your side, and with a greatly increased number of friendly allies we know you’ll find the perfect companion to accompany you on your epic journey. Netherworld investigation is also even easier with the addition of two support features for Quest Navigators: they now leave a vapor trail to track their movements, and stopping points will emit a pillar of light from the spot where they are first discovered. Reading the map is also easier with additional unique icons and quest markers.

New accessibility features

There have been dozens of small updates and revisions to make things more interesting and accessible, such as the increased pick-up range of relics, the ability to read tutorials at any point, gaining the initiative even after enemy detection by striking them from behind, reduced ambushes from aerial enemies, an increase in the number of Miracles (which have various positive effects), and the further enhancement and variety of actions for demon encounters.

Lastly, there are two big changes from the previous game: the ability to save anywhere on the map rather than the limited leyline founts, and Estoma, a shield to avoid enemy encounters has been updated from a skill to a Miracle, allowing the player to spend Magatsuhi instead of MP, freeing up a valuable skill slot. 

Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance launches June 14 on PS5 and PS4. I hope you enjoy the game!

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