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Twice with Jimmy Fallon, at the end of their performance of “Set Me Free”, as Jimmy plugs the group and their EP.

I am so fatigued with all things Blackpink and BTS. Especially given that I don’t think they are anything special, yet are seen as the pinnacle of K-pop due to their global popularity. So it sure is nice to see other K-pop groups get their moment on stages and platforms outside of South Korea and Japan. It also helps those who aren’t plugged into K-pop see that there is some range within it, and that Blackpink and BTS are not the omega and alpha of K-pop. And I actually think there is something more broader appealing with a group like Twice. But maybe that’s just me. And I’m sure somebody will say that the ridiculous worldwide success of Blackpink says differently, and they wouldn’t be wrong.


Twice hit up The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to perform “Set Me Free”, and I could not believe how fucking tight their performance was.

The nice thing about Twice is that I actually see and hear growth with them, which let’s face it, isn’t always something you always see in K-pop – particularly with the bigger groups signed to the big three.

Twice have really come into their own over the past couple of years, and this performance really showed how much they’ve stepped up as performers. This shit was CLEAN. And the choreography looks so much better in this performance than it does in the music video and the live performances they’ve given in South Korea. Because we didn’t have to deal with that raggedy K-pop camera work, we were able to see the entire routine shot in a way where we can see all of the members, formations and transitions. And it was cool that the whole thing was choreographed as though the entire thing would be shot. And what I mean by this, is that there were no moments were members were just stood around in plain view. Take Got The Beat’s “Stamp On It” for example. This was choreographed for the music video first and the expectation that a camera would be tight on certain sections, which meant when the song was performed live and you saw fancams, members were just stood at the sides of the stage doing absolutely nothing.


I hope JYP doesn’t fuck up Twice how it did the Wonder Girls. They’re already pulling similar shit to what SM is doing with Red Velvet, which is to have them release nothing but mini albums. I get that K-pop isn’t as full length album-centric as the western market. But JYP has gotta have Twice put out another LP or two in Twice’s discography over the next couple of years.

JYP also need to do better by Jeongyeon. Giving her some of the most raggedy outfits. The least screen time. Cutting her lines from remixes. Having her fade into the background. I know how it looks TO ME with her being the larger sized member of the group, and it needs to stop. There’s a trail JYP and Jeongyeon should be blazing, and JYP need to stand up and do it.

Also, Chaeyoung should not be allowed to wear anything with a print on it.

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Twice hit up The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to perform “Set Me Free”, and are clean like doussy