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The Tsukiuta media franchise’s upcoming anime film, Rabbits Kingdom the Movie, has released a number of snapshots that give fans another taste of the Black Rabbit and White Rabbit Kingdoms!

The Black Rabbit set of snapshots features Hajime Mutsuki, Arata Uzuki, Aoi Satsuki, Kakeru Shiwasu, and Koi Kisaragi.

The White Rabbit snapshots feature Shun Shimotsuki, Kai Fuzuki, You Hazuki, You Nagatsuki, Rui Minazuki, and Iku Kannazuki.

Tsukiuta revolves around idol groups with twelve men and twelve women altogether, each representing a certain month. The franchise began as an audio drama and later received anime, manga, and game adaptations.

Set for release in Japan on June 14, 2024, Rabbits Kingdom the Movie is a project created to celebrate the franchise’s 10th anniversary. It follows the original characters in an alternate world, where they have become inhabitants of the White Rabbit and Black Rabbit Kingdoms.

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Tsukiuta Anime Film Reveals Snapshots! | Anime News