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TOKYO INFERNO released two highly anticipated new tracks on January 11, OVER and TRIP, available on various streaming platforms now. Followers of TOKYO INFERNO have been anticipating new releases from the band for almost a year, since they unveiled their previous single, COSMIC METEOR in January 2023.

Both of the latest tracks maintain the signature sound that fans love while building upon the foundation laid by COSMIC METEOR. Beginning with a catchy upbeat chorus, OVER is a sound fans are familiar with. The composition is enriched with sparkling synths, staying true to the TOKYO INFERNO formula. However, they catch listeners off guard by introducing a trap-inspired bridge in OVER, adding an unexpected twist.

TRIP, the highlight of the two tracks, dives deeper into TOKYO INFERNO’s heavier sound. Powerful growls and high-pitched squeals establish TOKYO INFERNO’s versatility with metal vocals. Siranui’s rhythmic guitar riffs are perfect to headbang to. Despite the heavy riffs and brutal screams, fun choruses are still present, adding melodies to get stuck in your head.

TRIP and OVER are a nice addition to TOKYO INFERNO’s discography, demonstrating the full potential of what TOKYO INFERNO can offer.

TOKYO INFERNO, a fresh visual kei band, made their debut on January 6, 2023, with the release of their first single and music video, COSMIC METEOR, featuring captivating visuals. TOKYO INFERNO’s music is filled with memorable choruses and racing synths, intercepted with metal and rock influences.

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TOKYO INFERNO drops highly anticipated singles “OVER” and “TRIP”