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However you want to approach your daily Wordle, we’ve got something that’ll help you make the most of it—and make sure you win, too. Give your guesses some direction with today’s clue, or learn how to make the most of every line with our tips. And if you need something more, you’ve got it: the answer to the January 13 (938) Wordle’s ready and waiting below.

Oh that was obvious—after I’d missed the one word that had practically thrown itself at me on my very first go, over and over again. I am glad I finally had that magic little moment that sorted all of those yellow letters out and gave me today’s Wordle answer. I just wish I’d had it a few minutes earlier. 

Today’s Wordle hint

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Wordle today: A hint for Saturday, January 13

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Today’s Wordle answer and hint for January 13