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There’s a hint for today’s Wordle waiting just below if you’d like to give your guesses a little push in the right direction without completely giving the game away. You’ll also find the answer to the February 3 (959) Wordle if you’d love to have today’s solution served up in an instant. 

My first row wasn’t in any danger of filling me with confidence—staring at five grey boxes will do that to you first thing in the morning. But thanks to a few careful pokes around the alphabet, and one surprising flash of a good idea, I was able to quickly turn today’s Wordle around. With a bit of luck I’ll do even better tomorrow, or at the very least recover from a poor start as well as I did today.

Today’s Wordle hint

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Wordle today: A hint for Saturday, February 3

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Today’s Wordle answer and hint for February 3