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Marvel’s Midnight Suns is an odd bug—pretty much everyone I’ve talked to that’s played it has liked it, including PC Gamer’s Jeremy Peel in his glowing review. Despite everything, though, it didn’t sell nearly as well as it needed to, leading to layoffs at developer Firaxis and the departure of its creative lead.

There’s a few reasons this might be the case. First off, the venn diagram circles of tactical strategy combat/deck builder enjoyers and RPG likers don’t overlap much. There’s some—I mean, I enjoyed it—but I don’t think the people who really got into XCOM or Slay the Spire were, by and large, up for doing bookclubs with Steve Rogers. 

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The devs of the underplayed Marvel’s Midnight Suns once more blame the game’s commercial woes on the cards (I really don’t think it was the cards)