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聖人の思惑」 (Seijin no Omowaku)
“The Saint’s Intentions”

I’ll just come out and say it. What a fricking boring episode this was. I don’t know when Tensura became so political – somewhere along last season – but dam is it less engaging than watching grass grow. The thing is we don’t really care for these characters. At least in my opinion and if we did, all this talk still wouldn’t really be important because it adds nothing to the plot. Somewhere along the silly little base-building slime anime, politics had to be thrown in and well let’s just say it could do without.

Playing who’s who and what’s what and who’s doing what and who’s planning the next big attack is kinda boring not gonna lie. And this is usually stuff reserved for the end game. Summarised everyone is scared of Veldora – there’s no need to shove it down so much down our throats because we already know he’s kinda the OP of the OP. Veldora is so overpowered that Rimuru had to evolve so that he can have enough magicule energy to bring him back from the assimilation using the predator skill. We know this, we had a freaking recap episode before the season started. There’s no need to have a whole freaking episode where the demon lords and the kings from adjacent nations who stand against Rimuru discuss how they arrive at their agreement. All this could have been an email or if you want half the episode. I was really hoping we would get to see Rimuru doing silly little slime things in the latter half of the second episode. But no such luck.

I don’t mind the plot being at a standstill as long as Rimuru is going about their daily life in Tempest and doing Rimuru things – because he’s just a silly little guy and that’s what makes Tensura so wonderful. All this political drama is just boring to me. Honestly, I might have to drop this series if things continue to be like this because it doesn’t give me anything to talk about except just complain about how boring it is and no one wants that. So yeah I’ll give it one more episode, and if you don’t see any more posts from me this season just know I’m watching with you in spirit.

And that’s the thing – all this political drama feels like it has no weight – where are the antics where is the drama where is the double entendre – the slaps with white gloves and such and such, that make a political drama juicy and entertaining to watch. The only punch we got was from the green-haired clown dude and – it just felt so out of place to me. So childish and unnecessary. Would edgy be the right word? Okay so like take GOT for example – that show was riddled with political intrigue – but it was so captivating that whenever someone died because of the politics it was so good. Can’t we just get Diablo to kill someone? lol

It feels like the writing is hindering this show down – maybe it’s the LN to blame. I haven’t kept up with them in a hot minute.

So yeah – I won’t waste any more of your time because that’s how I feel about this episode, a big waste of my time.

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