The trailer for Dimension 20 Never Stop Blowing Up, the new season of the popular TTRPG on Dropout, has dropped with a wealth of information. Fantasy High: Junior Year finished in May 2024, so D20 fans have been waiting patiently for what the series, headed by Game Master Brennan Lee Mulligan, has in store next. The trailer, along with the official FAQ, reveals details on how many episodes this season will have, what role-playing system it will use, and who will be part of the cast — some of whom we haven’t seen for a while in the dome and one player who we have waited for a long time to see in a D20 game. Here’s everything we know so far about the Never Stop Blowing Up season for Dimension 20.

What is the Never Stop Blowing Up release date and episode schedule?

The release date and time for Dimension 20 Never Stop Blowing Up Episode 1 is June 26, 2024, Wednesday, at 4PM PT / 7PM ET. There will be 10 episodes for the series that will release with the following schedule:

  • Episode 1 – June 26, 4PM PT / 7PM ET
  • Episode 2 – August 3, 4PM PT / 7PM ET
  • Episode 3 – August 10, 4PM PT / 7PM ET
  • Episode 4 – August 17, 4PM PT / 7PM ET
  • Episode 5 – August 24, 4PM PT / 7PM ET
  • Episode 6 – August 31, 4PM PT / 7PM ET
  • Episode 7 – September 7, 4PM PT / 7PM ET
  • Episode 8 – September 14, 4PM PT / 7PM ET
  • Episode 9 – September 21, 4PM PT / 7PM ET
  • Episode 10 – September 28, 4PM PT / 7PM ET

The premiere episode will be available for free on YouTube on July 3, with the rest of the season being exclusive on Dropout. Better yet, every episode will be followed by an Adventuring Party episode where the entire cast casually talks about what happened during play.

As this series is only 10 episodes long, it will be colloquially categorized as a “side quest” for Dimension 20 as opposed to the main shows, like Fantasy High and The Unsleeping City, that tend to go about twice as long at 20 or more episodes.

What is the Never Stop Blowing Up system?

Dimension 20 Never Stop Blowing Up System
(Image Credit: Dropout)

The Never Stop Blowing Up system will a homebrewed, modified version of Kids on Bikes by Hunters Entertainment. It is an entry-level TTRPG compared to, say, Dungeons & Dragons.

Fans of Dimension 20 will recognize this system from a prior D20 season called Mentopolis, though the rules will likely be altered by Mulligan to fit the crazy, bombastic, adrenaline-fueled energy of this new season. In this system, rolling the maximum number on a die causes it to “explode,” allowing the player to roll it again and add it to the result. We can only imagine that every time this happens, Mulligan will play a video of an explosion on the dome screen, if the trailer is anything to go by.

What is the Never Stop Blowing Up cast?

Dimension 20 Never Stop Blowing Up Cast

There are six members of the Never Stop Blowing cast, most of whom have been on a season of Dimension 20 before:

  • Ally Beardsley (they/them) as Russell Feeld (he/him) / Jennifer Drips (she/her)
  • Ify Nwadiwe (he/him) as Wendell Morris (he/him) / Vic Ethanol (he/him)
  • Isabella Roland (she/her) as Paula Donvalson (neé Buocadifuoco) (she/her) / Jack Manhattan (he/him)
  • Rekha Shankar (she/her) as Usha Rao (she/her) / G13 (he/him)
  • Alex Song-Xia (they/them) as Liv Skyler (she/her) / Kingskin (he/him)
  • Jacob Wysocki (he/him) as Andy ‘Dang’ Litefoot (he/him) / Greg Stocks (he/him)

Isabella Roland, Rekha Shankar, and Ally Beardsley have been in multiple seasons of Dimension 20. Longtime fans will also recognize Ify Nwadiwe from Escape from the Bloodkeep and Alex Song-Xia from Mentopolis. This season will (finally) mark the first time the hilarious Jacob Wysocki, who has been many other Dropout shows like Game Changer, in a season for Dimension 20.

What is the Never Stop Blowing Up story and plot?

Dimension 20 Never Stop Blowing Up Story Plot
(Image Credit: Dropout)

The Never Stop Blowing Up story, from what can gather in the trailer, looks like the cast will be playing employees of Dave’s Video World, which we imagine to be something like a Blockbuster video store. Somehow, the party will be transported into another world (perhaps via a magical VHS cassette tape) where they turn into 1980s action hero versions of themselves. That’s why the cast listing notes two roles for each party member.

Dying in this action world means dying in “real life,” so the actions the characters take in this alternate movie world will matter. It’s uncertain, though, whether the cast will stay in this other world throughout the series or if they will flip between their two characters throughout each episode.

As for the action heroes, Jack Manhattan (Isabella Roland) takes the role of the quintessential Bruce Willis-esque leading man, and Jennifer Drips (Ally Beardlsey) looks to be a roguish vixen with acrobatic assassin skills. Vic Ethanol (Ify Nwadiwe) seems like the lead from a Fast & Furious movie, which is fitting since that’s the favorite movie of his other character, Wendell Morris. While G13 (Renka Shankar) will be playing support as a hacker, Kingskin (Alex Song-Xia) is a powerful tank who can easily smash heads into walls. Last but not least, Greg Stocks (Jacob Wysocki) looks like a secret agent like James Bond. All told, this party has the potential for a lot of high-octane energy similar to the fan-favorite D20 season Starstruck Odyssey.

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