Rosy Is The New Black

In the new spring / summer season street style bloggers and celebrities proved that it was not necessary to be afraid of loud and bright colors. So all of a sudden different shades of pink became trendy. From pastel tones with a light hint of lavender, and to neon pink and fuchsia, street fashionistas destroyed the reputation of pink color as being infantile and puppet one. Depending on the shade, pink can be an integral part of both the romantic image and sport-chic. The most “safe” combination is one with neutral colors – white, black or denim color. The most daring fashionistas combine pink shades with powdery, golden, gray and red (as an example of colorblocking) or metallic (for lovers of avant-garde style). It looks especially stunning when combined with black (see the picture above). Doesn’t matter what color is your hair, you’ll look gorgeous in pink!



Grey Hair

Both women and men are driven to despair by
the first appearance of gray hair. If men can somehow put up with it, women will make up anything to get rid of the unpleasant aging signs. Many women use darker shades of colors to dye their gray hair for no one to find out their true age.

Modern girls are much more insidious and cunning, so in the question of age concealment they went further on. Girls deliberately bleach their hair and dye it in a silver hue, probably, to mislead others immediately. Thanks to them, the gray hair became a trend of the season.

Previously we observed the popularity of highlighting, ombre, dyed hair tips, or just hair dyed in all colors of the rainbow. But it is the thing of the past.

However weird it may be, but going gray is dominant among the younger generation. Today, if you want to be known as “fashion monger”, choose one of the shades of gray. Don’t believe in it? Remember one of the latest Rihanna’s photo shoots for TUSH magazine or one of the experiments of Kylie Jenner and Nicole Richie.

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Spring/Summer Beauty Trends of 2015. Part 1