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「鳥の羽と不思議な鉱石」 (Tori no Hane ro Fushigina Kōseki)
“Bird Feather and Mysterious Ore”

Got to say the teasing for Spice and Wolf right now is on point. Although a tad annoying the cliffhanger was chosen to be where it was this week, the buildup and foreshadowing (especially the foreshadowing) made up for a week’s wait to find out just what Kraft is so panicked about now. Not that it should be too hard to guess mind you; given all the hints beforehand you should know exactly what’s coming next.

If last episode was about reinforcing how Kraft and Holo both are growing close enough to make previously “simple” choices more difficult and potentially hurtful, this one was about highlighting how Kraft at least is committed to ensuring the relationship isn’t broken apart that easily. While Kraft’s pursuit of northern folklore has utilitarian objectives in learning where exactly Holo must go to return home, there was also a warmer aspect to it where Kraft wants to figure out how best to keep both he and Holo together on the journey. He knows the strain his off-hand remark about Holo going ahead before caused after all, and he too doesn’t want to split them apart if he can help it. Learning some more concrete answers behind Holo’s vague memories (even if coming from more dangerous alchemical sources) is simply the first part to seeing that desire convert into a tangible plan of action.

The other half of the picture of course is Holo, and yeah, no point beating around the bush: the girl is an unholy problem child when she wants to be. This episode did a fantastic job of teasing the main conflict coming next week, from Amati’s outright crushing on Holo accentuating all the dubious questioning from Kraft’s friends on why he lets such a formidable kid get away with it up to Holo herself lamenting being left alone by Kraft for the day. The real – and hilarious – stickler on top though? Holo slyly spinning a tale of being so far in debt to Kraft for her rescue that she’s forced to pray for his safety while travelling alongside him. Next week will reveal all, but honestly should be pretty obvious what sort of problem Kraft has on his hands now, and all because Holo as mentioned can be too damn good when she wants to be. As for the mechanism through which conflict shall be fought and resolved, let’s just say pyrite wouldn’t be brought up if this show didn’t intend on further using it in some capacity.

If you thought smuggling gold on the backs of sheep was fun just wait and see what’s coming up next.



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Spice and Wolf – Episode 15 Review