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「見習い騎士、無双す」 (Minarai Kishi, Musou su)
“Butt-Kicking Squire”

With the sun now shining before I stumble into work and the day temperatures above zero I dare say spring is right around the corner – and that of course means season finales are upon us, with Eiyuuou being no exception. I’d go into tongue in cheek humour about how everything seen is going according to plan, but ehh, is anyone really surprised how this one will end? Well, outside of the usual pint-sized suspects.

As brought up last time the big finale for Eiyuuou wasn’t going to be Ivel as much as who Ivel was designed to bring out of hiding. Getting a round two with the Bloodchain Brigade’s masked leader is a fitting touch an MC wholly out to punch, kick, or simply send into orbit anyone worthy of bringing into the ring, even if said touch proved to be, shall we say, less than overwhelming. Sure, no denying Eiyuuou was never budget heavy or out beyond cutesy art to make a production name for itself, but part of me wanted a little more to that opening bout. If Inglis can go out of her way to princess carry Rani to the fight then gosh darnit she can also lay into the masked menace with some additional flare. Guess we’ll have to settle with Ivel realizing just how much he’s actually bitten off.

Mind you the real fight looks to be who the Bloodchain Brigade happened to drag along to the festivities in Ripple’s little (read: not so little) Prismer monster that yes, you damn well know Inglis will be going against next. Considering how this has been teased from the very start with baby bashing dragons into order it’s somewhat fitting to get it now, since besides reinforcing the true strength of Inglis right now (given Prismers are supposedly the end all be all of opponents) it’s also likely to drop some further tidbits on who the Bloodchain Brigade’s leader is under the mask. Not difficult assuming some close ties to Inglis past or present considering the guy’s similar use of aether after all, nor in his desire to keep both appearance and true power level hidden from prying eyes. I personally have no predictions on who he actually is, or even if we’ll get a face reveal before all is said and done, but you can fully expect one of Ivel’s last acts will be eking something out on that before the climactic curtain drop.

It’s just a question of how thoroughly Inglis trounces the new angry monster in the room before we get down to such friendly discussion.

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