Home Music SiM’s sold-out “THE RUMBLING iN LDN” performance serves explosive display of showmanship

SiM’s sold-out “THE RUMBLING iN LDN” performance serves explosive display of showmanship

SiM’s sold-out “THE RUMBLING iN LDN” performance serves explosive display of showmanship

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Within the space of nearly a year, reggae punk outfit SiM, also known as “Silence iz Mine”, recently saw their overseas activities materialize in a big way. In August 2022, the band performed in the US at both Crunchyroll Expo and their first sold-out headline show. Another set of firsts followed but this time in the UK as they went on to perform at Download Festival and a sold-out headline show at the O2 Academy Islington on June 13, the latter showcasing their explosive display of showmanship.

Attending the O2 Academy Islington performance with the venue buzzing with excitement, the opening act GRAPHIC NATURE brought their mixture of eerie Drum’n’Bass and nu-metal-infused sound. Their impactful music hit with the crowd as vocalist Harvey growled lyrics addressing mental health.

The lingering energy rose and peaked as deafening roars greeted SiM onstage, all before playing the night’s first song, Light It Up. The crowd was no-holds-barred from the get-go with jumping, hand waving, and a moshpit in the space of a few minutes, setting a precedent for what was to come.

Vocalist Mah formed devil horns with his fingers illustrating his cheeky and mischievous personality. He playfully teased “Is this a funeral or something?”, a far cry from the absolute chaos the song Blah Blah Blah brought.

Mah exclaimed “Finally! The wait is over!” during the MC before continuing on to the song “TxHxC“, triggering a circle pit. Keeping in mind the song’s title, he imitated taking a hefty toke of marijuana and coughed heavily afterward. A short interlude triggered the crowd to repeatedly chant “We want SiM!” with Mah playfully chanting back “Shut your mouth!”.

Then, taking center stage with his chest puffed out, the vocalist’s hand moved into the salute used in the anime series “Attack on Titan” before SiM went into their hit song The Rumbling. Shouting of the intro lyrics filled the room with the crowd bopping their heads to the heavy sound, all while absorbed in the dark and brooding atmosphere.

The end of drummer GODRi’s solo led to Mah introducing two songs taken from the video game series Yakuza. The energetic and equally wild song “A” was performed first, followed by the sorrowful ska song  The Sound of Breath which lowered the energy. The infectious slow and smooth grooves of the latter got everyone swaying as the lights focused on Mah.

After the intensity that is the song WHO’S NEXT, Mah started the next MC by asking three audience members what their favorite songs by SiM were. He went on to tell a story of the time he and the guitarist SHOW-HATE went to a Radiohead show where they played 25 songs but didn’t play one of their most famous songs, Creep. On one end, he wanted his money back, but at the same time, he understood something—that musicians don’t play songs for the fans but for themselves. Mah wrote the setlist and we, the fans, listen and if we wanted to say something about it, tell it to frontman Thom Yorke.

Sticking it to the audience, SiM continued with the song Devil in Your Heart but lucky for the audience, this is precisely what they wanted! In addition, the vocalist suddenly became possessed, imitating his heart beating out his chest. Once regaining his sense of self, he asked the crowd “Do you know how to dance?” before the song Gunshots with the party ensuing.

Finishing on the song BASEBALL BAT, they left the stage only to return for Mah to say “Arigato” over and over and confidently state that “Arigato” in Japanese means “Fuck you” before correcting himself saying it means “Thank you”. The rest of the band members were then introduced with all of them participating in a running joke by saying “I have something to say” into the mic followed by a short silence before stating “Nothing”.

For the encore, the band unleashed two songs KiLLiNG ME and f.a.i.t.h. Afterward, the band confirmed that their sixth album, now titled PLAYDEAD, releases on September 27, with plans for a UK and Europe tour in the future.

SiM absolutely smashed it with each ebb and flow of the impressive setlist, entertaining and engaging MCs, and absolutely electric showmanship, serving the explosive atmosphere brilliantly. For their first-ever headline UK show, they undoubtedly left an everlasting impression, and with the band teasing their return, there is definitely the want to have them back soon.

Until then though, they will tour with Dance Gavin Dance on The Jackpot Juicer US Tour at the end of August, through to the beginning of October. Listen to their recent single DO THE DANCE which will feature on their new album PLAYDEAD.


    1. Light It Up
    2. DiAMOND
    3. Blah Blah Blah
    4. TxHxC
    5. paint sky blue
    6. The Rumbling
    8. A
    9. The Sound Of Breath
    10. WHO’S NEXT
    11. Devil in Your Heart
    12. GUNSHOTS
    13. MAKE ME DEAD!
    14. EXiSTENCE
    15. Amy


  1. KiLLiNG ME
  2. f.a.i.t.h

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Asbury Park, NJ🇺🇸 United StatesTickets

October 01

Philadeplhia, PA🇺🇸 United StatesTickets


  2. RED

  3. HiDE and SEEK


  5. Die Alone


  7. KiSS of DEATH

  8. Sad Song

  9. BBT


  11. Not So Weak

  12. UNDER THE TREE (Full Length Ver.)

  13. The Rumbling (Orchestra Ver.)

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