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A recent poll in Japanese gaming rag Famitsu ahead of the release of the Resident Evil 4 remake asked fans of the survival horror series to select their favorite character, as well as the most detestable (via @bioranger_PT on Twitter (opens in new tab)). Albert Wesker unsurprisingly took the prize for most detestable, with Nicholai Ginovaef from RE3 in second place, and the Licker in third. Funnily enough, Wesker also rated in the favorite characters poll, where he placed sixth.

Number one with a Red9 bullet was Leon Kennedy. He does rock a pretty sweet jacket, but I’ve never really vibed with the guy myself. I assume he made it on the strength of peoples’ love for two of the games he starred in, RE4 and RE2, which topped the section of Famitsu’s poll for the best Resident Evil game. (RE4 came in at number one, with RE2 Remake at number two, and original flavor RE2 at number three.)

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Resident Evil fans vote for their favorite character, pick Leon