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The December 2023 issue of the Random J Pop monthly. The cover features a bunch of floppy discs of different colours. All with a stick featuring the cover art of the mashups I’d share in 2023.

🪩 Renaissance Mashups

🎛️ Mashups

🎛️ Extended Mixes

Whilst I was slow with reviews and posting things here, looking back on how many mashups and edits I posted has made me realise I was pretty active creatively, without fully realising it.

I’m tinkering away and working on stuff all of the time. Some stuff I never finish. Some I do. And even when I do create and complete something, I don’t always share it. But something in me said ‘Fuck it’ and I shared more of my mashups and edits than I ever would have normally. Thank Beyonce. Because Renaissance really sparked something in me. As did short-ass songs, hence the extended mixes.

I really do hope 2024 is the year where this short TikTok-ified song trend ends, but I know it damn won’t be.

So a big thank you to those of you who have retweeted posts on my mashups and edits, liked and commented on the videos on YouTube and have given any of this stuff a listen. As with my reviews and everything else I share here, I don’t share any of these mashups and edits with any expectation of anybody seeing it or engaging with any of it. So it’s always a surprise when people do.

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Random J Pop monthly: December 2023