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Welcome, PlayStation Stars members! December has arrived, and with it comes new challenges, campaigns, and collectibles to hit your end-of-year gaming goals. Let’s dive right into what’s in store this month.

PlayStation & You: PlayStation Portal Remote Player

Available Dec 1st 

Available only to active PlayStation Portal remote player owners. Experience the power of the PlayStation 5 console in the palm of your hand. Play any game on PS4 or PS5 to unlock your PlayStation Portal Remote Player digital collectible. 

Feel it Now on PS5      

Check out two digital collectibles to earn as part of our Feel it Now on PS5 ad spot, celebrating the console’s immersive power.

  • Horizon Forbidden West – Available December 5
    Play Horizon Forbidden West on PS4 or PS5 to get your digital collectible.

  • Destiny 2 – Available December 12
    Play Destiny 2 on PS4 or PS5 to get your digital collectible.

PlayStation & You: PS4, PS5

Available December 15

Available only to PlayStation 4 console – Glacier White owners. Play any game on PS4 or PS5 to unlock your digital collectible. 

Cozy Gaming | Warm in Winter

Available December 20

Wind down and relax. Play any one of these PS5 games to unlock your warm, fuzzy digital collectible socks.

  • Jusant
  • Wildmender
  • Outer Wilds
  • Skabma – Snowfall

Challenge: Hard Game Club | Lies of P 

Available December 7 

Enter the challenging realm of Lies of P and prove your gaming prowess by earning the coveted King’s Flame trophy. This digital collectible awaits those skilled enough to conquer the game’s toughest trials. 

Stay tuned to PlayStation App for all the latest updates throughout the month. Not a PlayStation Stars member yet? Learn more about PlayStation Stars and join.

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