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The 2023 anime series Oshi no Ko gives viewers a small, albeit fictional, look in the entertainment world of Japan. While mostly focusing on the TV and idol side of the business, in the fifth episode we get to peek into the world of online media through the character Pieyon. His muscle-bound physique, high pitched voice, general excitement, and words of wisdom are fun to say the least. But, he also gives some good advice to the characters Ruby Hoshino and Kana Arima. From then on, Pieyon makes sporadic appearances throughout the series. Outside of the anime, Pieyon has appeared on the Oshi no Ko YouTube channel. And in a shocking announcement at Jump Festa ’24 last weekend, Pieyon will now have a once-a-month live-action series on the channel.

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🌟 Pieyon channel started 🌟

TV anime [ #推しの子 ]

From 2024, Pieyon will start full-scale operation on the [Oshinoko] channel 🌟
Pieyon will appear every month ✨

Please tell us what you want Pieyon to do in the comments section 🌟

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In the video Pieyon asks visitors at Jump Festa 2024 if they’re having fun and is sorry he couldn’t be there. His reason for not being at the event revolved around a priority video he’s filming for the Oshi no Ko YouTube channel. The video ends with Pieyon announcing that he will upload videos to the channel once a month under the “Pieyon Channel” moniker.

Pieyon has been featured in one other video on the Oshi no Ko YouTube channel. In the video we see a real life Pieyon recreating the workout video he, Ruby, and Kana did in the anime’s fifth episode with Ruby’s voice actor Yurie Igoma. While we see Pieyon’s face — the 2019 Japan Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (JBBF) Mr. Japan, Naotaka Yokokawa — in this video, the Pieyon who appeared in the announcement video is not listed as Yokokawa. So, just like in the anime series, Pieyon is shrouded in mystery.

🐥 Pieyon Boot Dance 🐥

TV anime [ #推しの子 ]
Pieyon and Yurie Ikoma tried boot dancing

The person inside Pieyon…
Is Naotaka Yokokawa (@YokokawaNaotaka) 💪

▼ Please watch it again and again ▼

It will be interesting to see what videos Pieyon and the official channel staff will produce in the coming months, considering there is an entire fitness subsection of the video hosting platform. However, judging by what we’ve seen so far, the videos will fall into the fitness entertainment category as opposed to straight fitness. Nevertheless, it will be fun to see other high-level bodybuilders, physique bodybuilders, athletes, and even voice actors participate in future videos. Keep an eye out for Pieyon and see what antics he gets into on the Oshi no Ko YouTube channel.

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Oshi no Ko’s Fitness YouTuber Pieyon Gets Real-Life YouTube Series – Interest