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Kana Arima, a.k.a. “Baking Soda”-chan, was announced baking soda ambassador on April Fool’s Day

The joke has transcended April Fool’s Day! Exactly one day after declaring Kana Arima (a.k.a. “Baking Soda”-chan) the baking soda ambassador, Kadokawa revealed that the Oshi no Ko anime is inspiring an actual baking soda tie-in item with the Kaneyo-Soap cleaning product brand.


Japanese Oshi no Ko fans have been calling Kana Arima “Baking Soda”-chan as a reference to a running gag from the manga: In their childhood years, Ruby mistook Kana’s title of “the genius child actor who can cry on the spot” (jū-byō de nakeru tensai koyaku) as “the genius child actor who licks baking soda” (jūsō wo nameru tensai koyaku, or “the genius child actor who can lie on a yacht” in the English version).

On April Fool’s Day on Saturday, Kadokawa released a fake newspaper clipping calling Kana the baking soda ambassador. The article explains the story behind the “Baking Soda”-chan nickname and speculates whether Kana’s new role as the baking soda ambassador will give her a second wind in the showbiz world. That turned out to be more true than anyone could have realized at the time. In the above new visual, Kana reacts incredulously: “Wait, it was real?!”

The television anime of Aka Akasaka and Mengo Yokoyari‘s Oshi no Ko manga will premiere on April 12.

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Oshi no Ko Announces Tie-In With Actual Baking Soda – Interest