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Retail PriceDate Abe-kun’s Got Me Now! GN 12PleaseKodansha USAUS$10.99February 6 The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten! GN 1Cite Square Enix MangaUS$7.99February 6 Cat + Gamer GN 2AnimeNewsNetworkDark HorseUS$6.99February 6 Chainsaw Man GN 14PleaseViz MediaUS$6.99February 6 Chihayafuru GN 42PleaseKodansha USAUS$10.99February 6 Classroom of the Elite GN 9PleaseSeven SeasUS$9.99February 6 The Conqueror from a Dying Kingdom GN 3PleaseJ-Novel ClubUS$8.99February 7 Dragon Ball Super GN 20PleaseViz MediaUS$6.99February 6 Duchess in the Attic GN 1PleaseJ-Novel ClubUS$8.99February 7 The Elusive Samurai GN 10PleaseViz MediaUS$6.99February 6 Gazing at the Star Next Door GN 1PleaseKodansha USAUS$10.99February 6 He’s Expecting GN 2PleaseKodansha USAUS$10.99February 6 The Ice Guy and the Cool Girl GN 3Please Square Enix MangaUS$9.99February 6 In the Name of the Mermaid Princess GN 1PleaseViz MediaUS$6.99February 6 Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! GN 2PleaseDark HorseUS$8.99February 6 Life GN 12PleaseKodansha USAUS$10.99February 6 Lonely Castle in the Mirror GN 2PleaseSeven SeasUS$9.99February 6 My Special One GN 5PleaseViz MediaUS$6.99February 6 Natsume’s Book of Friends GN 29PleaseViz MediaUS$6.99February 6 The New Gate GN 12PleaseOne PeaceUS$11.95February 6 Only I Know That This World Is a Game GN 3PleaseJ-Novel ClubUS$8.99February 7 Prince Freya GN 10PleaseViz MediaUS$6.99February 6 Rainbow Days GN 8PleaseViz MediaUS$6.99February 6 Sayabito: Swords of Destiny GN 2PleaseKodansha USAUS$10.99February 6 Soara and the House of Monsters GN 2PleaseSeven SeasUS$9.99February 6 A Tale of the Secret Saint GN 5PleaseSeven SeasUS$9.99February 6 There’s No Freaking Way I’ll Be Your Lover! Unless… GN 4PleaseSeven SeasUS$9.99February 6 Those Snow White Notes GN 14PleaseKodansha USAUS$10.99February 6 The Tree of Death: Yomotsuhegui GN 1PleaseSeven SeasUS$9.99February 6 Virgin Love GN 2PleaseVerticalUS$10.99February 6 Watari-kun’s ****** Is about to Collapse GN 15PleaseKodansha USAUS$10.99February 6 The World Is Dancing GN 4PleaseKodansha USAUS$10.99February 6

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