Amazon Prime Video’s new TV and movie releases for June 17-23 2024 include Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, MGM+’s Hotel Cocaine Season 1, and AMC+’s Orphan Black: Echoes Season 1.

Starting June 18, Amazon Prime Video subscribers can check out Oppenheimer on the platform. Directed by Christopher Nolan, this biopic drama chronicles the life and career of theoretical physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer and his contributions to the field of nuclear weapons, especially his role in the creation of the first atomic bomb. Cillian Murphy stars as Oppenheimer alongside a supporting cast that includes Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, Florence Pugh, and Robert Downey Jr.

Then on June 23, Amazon Prime Video viewers can access Hotel Cocaine Season 1 and Orphan Black: Echoes Season 1 via the MGM+ and AMC+ channels respectively.

Hotel Cocaine is a crime drama chronicling the life of Roman Compte, a Cuban expat who fought Fidel Castro in the Bay of Pigs invasion and restarted his life in Miami, becoming the general manager of the Mutiny Hotel.

Orphan Black: Echoes is a sci-fi fantasy drama series set many years after Orphan Black. It follows various women who cross paths with each other while trying to uncover mysteries surrounding their own identities.

Also releasing on Amazon Prime Video this week is Power of the Dream. This documentary tells an empowering tale of how a group of players from the women’s professional basketball team went up against a WNBA team owner and supported Senator Raphael Warnock.

New Amazon Prime Video releases for June 17-23 2024

Below are all the new TV shows and movies being added to Amazon Prime Video from June 17-23 2024.

June 18

  • Oppenheimer (2023)
  • Power of the Dream (2024)

June 19

  • Hope in the Water (PBS Documentaries)

June 20

  • Federer: Twelve Final Days (2024)

June 23

  • Hotel Cocaine (MGM+) Season 1
  • Orphan Black: Echoes (AMC+) Season 1

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