Hulu’s new TV and movie releases for June 10-16 2024 include the movie Origin and the complete second season of Wreck.

On June 10, Monday, Hulu subscribers can watch Origin, a biographical drama movie that is based on the life of author and journalist Isabelle Wilkerson as she writes the non-fiction book Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents.

Then on June 11, Wreck Season 2 drops on Hulu. Wreck is a comedy mystery series following Jamie, the newest recruit of the mega-ship Sacramentum, who infiltrates the ship and the crew members in order to locate his sister who previously worked on the ship, but mysteriously vanished in the middle of a charter.

Also releasing on Hulu this week are the films Rose’s War, To Kill a Stepfather, and Trapped in the Farmhouse.

Rose’s War, also known as Baltimore, is a thriller movie based on the life of Rose Dugdale, a debutante who rebelled against her wealthy family and upbringing by becoming a member and volunteer of the Provisional Irish Republican Army.

To Kill a Stepfather is a mystery drama TV movie that sees a woman named Lisa investigate the horrendous murder of her estranged stepfather, which puts Lisa on a wild-goose chase where she learns that there is more to the murder than meets the eye.

Trapped in the Farmhouse is a thriller movie following a woman escaping from her abusive boyfriend and taking shelter at an isolated farmhouse where she soon finds another dangerous situation.

New Hulu releases for June 10-16 2024

Below are all the new TV shows and movies being added to Hulu from June 10-16 2024.

June 10

  • Restaurant Startup: Complete Series
  • Rich Kids of Beverly Hills: Complete Series
  • WAGS: Complete Series
  • WAGS Atlanta: Complete Series
  • WAGS Miami: Complete Series
  • Origin | 2024

June 11

June 12

  • GO! GO! Loser Ranger!: Series Premiere (DUBBED)
  • iHeart Radio & P&G “Can’t Cancel Pride” Special: Livestream
  • From Tomorrow: Complete Season 1

June 13

  • BRATS: Documentary Premiere
  • Pirates: Truth Behind Legends
  • Rose’s War | 2023
  • To Kill a Stepfather | 2023
  • Trapped in the Farmhouse | 2023

June 14

  • Blood Free: Complete Season 1 (DUBBED)
  • Chewing Gum: Complete Series
  • Jeff Dunham: Unhinged in Hollywood | 2015
  • Joel McHale: Live from Pyongyang | 2019
  • Lavell Crawford: Home for the Holidays | 2017
  • Lavell Crawford: New LookSame Funny (Extended Edition) | 2019
  • Margaret Cho – PsyCHO | 2015
  • Mike Birbiglia: What I Should Have Said Was Nothing | 2008
  • Mike Birbiglia: My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend | 2013
  • Thee Lavell Crawford | 2023
  • Tom Segura: Completely Normal | 2014
  • Whitney Cummings: Money Shot | 2010

June 15

  • I Kissed a Boy: Complete Season 1
  • In the Fade | 2017

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