Blossom Campus is the new Korean BL (Boys Love) drama set to premiere on Heavenly in May 2024. It tells the story of two friends who develop romantic feelings for each other.

The friends-to-lovers K-drama will also explore the love triangle angle. The cast members include Son Byeong-Hoon as Kim Min-Jae, Choi Dong-Ho as Yoon-Chan/Lee Kyu-Ho, and Woo-Hyuk as Kim Yong-Sol.

Transfer student Min-Jae is a shy person majoring in music and working part-time at the university’s library. Ace student Yoon-Chan is a Taekwondo major who helps transfer students on campus. Meanwhile, Woo-Hyuk is Min-Jae’s big fan and falls in love with him.

The trailer of episode 1 focuses on Min-Jae and Yoon-Chan’s friendship. They slowly become closer, which makes them wonder if they are more than friends. 

Watch the trailer here:

Blossom Campus episodes 1 & 2 release date, trailer & more

Blossom Campus episodes 1 and 2 will air on Thursday, May 16, 2024, on Heavenly. The Korean BL drama consists of six episodes, releasing two every week.

The trailer begins with Yoon-Chan and Min-Jae goofing around at a library. When the latter asks him to keep his voice down, Yoon-Chan pulls him, creating a romantic atmosphere. It shows Min-Jae playing guitar while Yoon-Chan showcases his taekwondo moves. 

Furthermore, the video features the first encounter between the two lead characters. Min-Jae seems attracted to Yoon-Chan at first sight when the latter asks him to be his friend. While the two become closer, Min-Jae’s friend and big fan, Woo-Hyuk, gets jealous. He questions Yoon-Chan about his conversation with Min-Jae.

On the other hand, Yoon-Chan showcases his jealousy when he spots Min-Jae with Woo-Hyuk. The ending focuses on Yoon-Chan exploring his feelings for Min-Jae while the latter confesses his love. 

Blossom Campus will air two episodes every Thursday on Heavenly.

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New Korean BL Drama Blossom Campus Episode 1 Release Date & Trailer Revealed