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Erinsborough is in for a rough time.

Nicolette, Wendy, and Sadie’s well-intentioned protest against the school closure will quickly spiral out of control, becoming a full-fledged riot on Neighbours during the week of 12-04-23.

According to spoilers, it’ll end with at least one person under arrest and one in the hospital with severe injuries, leading to serious drama.

Spoilers for the Week of 12-04-23 - Neighbours

As an American fan, I can’t help drawing parallels to the events of January 6, 2021, though since Neighbours is an Australian series, that may be coincidental.

In any case, Susan tried to tell Nicolette that this was a bad idea, so I don’t feel bad for Nicolette if she gets in trouble — and spoilers say she will.

A Protest Turns Violent - Neighbours

By the time the riot is quelled, not only has there been severe damage to the school building, but Melanie is seriously injured. Both these events will lead to Nicolette’s arrest for organizing the rally.

Australia, like America, has laws honoring people’s right to protest peacefully, but this event appears to be anything but.

And since one of the women involved told Susan that they were keeping Andrew out of it so that the police didn’t shut them down, Nicolette and her friends knew that their protest was potentially illegal.

Still, her arrest might lead to a further rift between those who think Terese was right to buy the school property and those who agree with Jane that the school ought to be open, especially now that Jane’s daughter is in trouble over this.

Even worse, Melanie ends up in the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

I’m not sure whether she’s part of the protest or gets trampled while passing by, but either way, it’ll present a dilemma for Toadie and his family. Toadie told Terese he has no interest in Melanie, while Nell is pushing for Toadie to forgive her for walking out on them.

It’s a classic soap opera trope for someone to admit their true feelings when the person they allegedly have none for nearly dies, and that’s what will happen for Toadie.

I’d rather he and Terese stay together and Melanie have a relationship with Nell that is irrelevant to Toadie’s marriage, but since Terese still seems half in love with Paul, the writing is on the wall with this.

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The Protest Gets Out of Control - Neighbours

The protest against the school closure gets out of control.

The protest offers a reason for many past residents of Erinsborough to return, but they are ready for war!

The rally was meant to stay outside the school and be a peaceful event that got media attention. Instead, mob mentality will take over, and the protesters will storm the school building.

Andrew and other cops will have to stop the chaos but won’t be able to before Melanie gets seriously hurt. There will be a TON of fallout from this event!

Seriously Injured - Neighbours

Melanie is seriously injured during the riot.

As discussed above, Melanie will end up in the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

It wasn’t that long ago she was visiting Krista there — will Krista return the favor?

And will this turn into a love triangle that leaves us torn once Toadie hears the news?

David's Tough Confession - Neighbours

David makes a tough confession.

David’s confession seems mundane compared to the protest drama. After realizing Cara lives on Ramsey Street, too, he’ll admit to her that he is no longer a doctor without explaining the circumstances.

Cara tends to be rigid, but David performed basic first aid in this case, so she might not care about this confession.

But will she leave it alone or try to discover why David lost his medical license?

Nicolette is Arrested - Neighbours

Nicolette is arrested for organizing the protest, while Wendy feels guilty about escaping punishment.

It doesn’t seem fair that Nicolette is the only one on the hook after the protest goes south. Wendy and Sadie helped her organize it.

Wendy won’t entirely escape punishment, though.

She and Andrew have been on the brink of splitting for the sake of drama since JJ suggested Andrew might be his biological father, and Wendy keeping the protest plans secret might be the last straw.

Reaching Their Breaking Point - Neighbours

Will Wendy and Andrew reach the point of no return?

It certainly seems that way. Wendy was angry before because Andrew kept the secret of having donated sperm to Phillipa 17 years ago, but that may make her a hypocrite in Andrew’s eyes.

It may have been Nicolette’s idea, but Wendy didn’t hesitate before agreeing to keep the protest plans to herself, going as far as to hide the signs they were making.

Andrew has every right to be angry. Let’s hope it doesn’t result in anyone having an affair while these two are separated.

Terese Has a Surprising Proposal - Neighbours

Terese has a surprising proposal for Jane.

Part of the problem that led to the riot was that Nicolette and her friends saw Terese as the ‘enemy’ because she bought the school property, and Jane didn’t help that with the tantrums she threw over it.

The property would have been sold either way, and Terese has a good cause in mind for it.

But now, Terese wants to make peace, so maybe she’ll propose sharing the property so the school can stay open. But doesn’t the Board of Education have to approve any such plans?

Toadie's Complex Emotions - Neighbours

Toadie struggles with complex emotions after hearing about Melanie’s injuries.

Of course. But hopefully, he’s mature enough to realize that he doesn’t have to act on those feelings.

Toadie should let Nell visit Melanie in the hospital. This incident might trigger Nell’s emotions about Sonya’s death, so she needs to see Melanie and say goodbye if it comes to that.

But this doesn’t mean Toadie should rekindle a romance or anything other than a casual acquaintanceship with Melanie. Let’s hope that these quick changes in relationships only happen in Salem and not in Erinsborough!

Nicolette Confronts Chloe - Neighbours

Nicolette confronts Chloe.

These two are never enjoyable when they fight; last time, Chloe endlessly berated Nicolette over something that was more Paul’s fault than hers.

What’s Nicolette’s problem? Did Chloe get her thrown in jail?

Or is Nicolette confronting Chloe about why Elly is in Sydney while she’s here? Nicolette might be vulnerable and looking to rekindle things with an old flame after her arrest, but this is a bad idea if that’s where it’s headed.

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