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Nancy Drew Season 4 Episode 9 Review: The Memory of the Stolen Soul

Nancy Drew Season 4 Episode 9 Review: The Memory of the Stolen Soul

Christine Orlando

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Once a Keeper, always a Keeper. And Bess was a keeper in every sense of the word on Nancy Drew Season 4 Episode 9.

This installment had so much exposition that it was difficult to keep up. I know the series is coming to an end, but they really packed a lot of plot into this hour, and my head is swimming trying to figure it all out.

But first, let’s give kudos to Maddison Jaizani. If Nancy Drew Season 4 Episode 7 was “action hero” Nick’s time to shine, then this was Bess’ and Jaizani made sure Bess’ courage and passion shone brilliantly.

Not Going Well - Nancy Drew

When Carly and the Family For Truth in History tried to silence Bess with a slew of ridiculous charges, she could have rolled over and taken the plea deal, as George encouraged her to do.

In part, that seemed out of character for George, but I suppose she was trying to protect her friend.

George Is Apprehensive - Nancy Drew Season 4 Episode 9

But Bess would have none of it as we saw in this Nancy Drew quote

We have a history of erasing voices, and even now, we continue to erase the truth about missing and murdered indigenous women and children to paint ourselves as the good guys. To pretend this town was built on righteous values. I will not be a part of that.


Bess could have been convicted. She could have been deported. But letting the truth be known and not cowering to bigots was worth risking all of that for Bess.

And even though she wasn’t convicted, she still lost something dear to her, the Historical Society.

Back during Nancy Drew Season 1, Bess’ only goal was to be recognized as a Marvin. Her sense of self-respect was wrapped up in being a part of that rich and prominent family.

Sharing a Moment - Nancy Drew Season 4 Episode 8

But when Bess started studying at the Historical Society and eventually became Keeper, that changed.

Bess found her calling. She was no longer a wayward Marvin or Nancy Drew’s sidekick. Bess became the Drew Crew’s go-to person for answers concerning all things supernatural.

That’s why having the Historical Society ripped away from her, and by Carly and the FFTH no less, hurt so much. Even if Nick does help her form a mobile society that can still help people, having to keep it under wraps means it will never be quite the same.

Then we had the extra bonus of not just having Addy involved in this story. We got some epic backstory about her parents and how the sin eater originated with the horrors that were committed against their ancestors and their children.

Up until this point, my feelings toward Addy were lukewarm, but this plot made me want to see more of both her and her parents. 

Playing The Game - Nancy Drew

While the Drew Crew were trying to fight the sin eater and Bess was in court, Ace was at the morgue talking to dead people.

This entire subplot kept Ace away from not only Nancy but Bess as well. It seemed odd that he wouldn’t be there for his platanchor even if his mom did make Bess knishes.

It actually made me wonder if there was some underlying reason that Alex Saxon had to film his scenes separately from everyone else. That’s conjecture on my part, but having Ace so separate from the group felt strange.

Almost as strange as Nancy agreeing to go on a date with Tristan.

I know she’s supposed to move on, but how do you do that after having the best kiss of your life with the guy you’re in love with? I’ve got to think that kissing anyone else will pale in comparison.

Nancy Struggles - Nancy Drew Season 4 Episode 9

But I digress. At this moment, Nancy was looking for something fun and uncomplicated.

After everything got so complicated with Ace, what I like about Tristan is how very uncomplicated he is.


Oh, talk about foreshadowing and irony all wrapped up in one statement.

Now let’s get to the heart of the sin eater and that crazy twist.

Considering we just heard about the sin eater during Nancy Drew Season 4 Episode 8, they unpacked an awful lot about it during this hour


A Difficult Day - Nancy Drew Season 4 Episode 8

Nick uncovered the truth about the creature’s origin. Bess figured out how to kill the sin eater, and George volunteered to commit a sin and then call to the entity to erase it.

But the sin eater isn’t just a scary creature that comes up out of the dirt. It’s also a human being. And after Nancy shoots it, she sees the shell she sent back to Tristan in its hand.

Perhaps Tristan wasn’t just a gorgeous but annoying lobster-catching wedge to stick between Ace and Nancy.

Do the Glasses know that Tristan is the sin eater? Is that why they wanted him to have nothing to do with Nancy?

Career Day - Nancy Drew

Check back in for our review of Nancy Drew Season 4 Episode 10 to find out.

And a couple more tidbits before we’re done.

Ryan looked so relieved and happy that Nancy said he was nothing like Everett. The expression on his face was really cute.

And Carson was so proud of Bess and supportive of George. He’s become the father figure to the entire Drew Crew, and I can’t get enough of it.

Horror Film - Nancy Drew

And Nancy compared her and Tristan’s uncomplicated relationship to Nick and Jade. Should we read anything into that about Nick and Jade’s future?

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