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You-Should-Read-This-Manga-Banner-560x214 MyAnimeList Announces Ultimate List of Manga Recommendations by International Manga Readers

Discover the top picks of global manga enthusiasts and booksellers, from titles they want to see adapted into anime to perfect picks for beginners

What You Need to Know:

  • MyAnimeList, in collaboration with manga readers from around the world, has released the world’s first ultimate list of manga recommendations: You Should Read This Manga 2023.
  • To promote these recommended titles, eye-catching signs with popular comments will be displayed not only online, but also in international bookstores.
  • MyAnimeList plans to make “You Should Read This Manga” an annual event to further promote manga overseas.
  • What is “You Should Read This Manga 2023”?

    • A global manga promotion project carried out by MyAnimeList, the world-renowned anime and manga community with 18 million monthly active users from over 240 countries, along with publishers and local bookstores. The project features online nominations from users around the world as well as a panel of judges, consisting of international booksellers and Trusted Users on MyAnimeList, who curate and select titles for the ultimate list of manga recommendations. Aside from the main category, “You Should Read This Manga,” there are also sub-categories tailored for beginners and other audiences.
    • This event also serves as a sales promotion opportunity with eye-catching signs to be distributed to sponsoring companies.
    • Event page URL: https://mxj.myanimelist.net/readthismanga/2023/

    Categories & Criteria

    You Should Read This Manga 2023:


    • At least one volume of the manga was published overseas in 2022.
    • The manga’s Rank and Popularity are not in the Top 50 on MAL.
    • You really want to recommend this manga to a friend!

    Should be anime:


    • Cannot have an anime adaptation in the last 5 years.

    Best for beginners:


    • Can easily be enjoyed by new manga readers (e.g. who have read 5 titles or less).

    Unique art/story:


    • For well-versed manga readers who are looking for something fresh.

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MyAnimeList Announces Ultimate List of Manga Recommendations by International Manga Readers