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If you cast your mind back to April, you might remember that the dice-based tactical RPG Dicefolk was confirmed to be coming to Switch. One month on, publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment and developers LEAP Game Studios and Tiny Ghoul have announced that this monster-catching roguelike will be heading our way on 20th June.

There are a lot of different genre terms going on here, so if you haven’t come across Dicefolk before, we’ll do our best to break it down for you (but you should also check out the above explanatory trailer, of course).

This is a tactical roguelike game at heart where your wins and losses are decided based on your grasp of its dice and monster-catching mechanics. You will catch yourself a team of creatures, ‘Chimera’, and put them into battles where your actions come down to the roll of a dice.

But this isn’t all a matter of luck. In Dicefolk, you control both your and your opponent’s moves, choosing who acts when and what they will have the chance to do. It’s an interesting twist on both the turn-based and RNG formula and, if the game’s positive reviews on Steam are anything to go by, it seems that it works rather well.

You can get a little more information on the game’s story and take a peek at some screenshots below.

Begin your quest as a Chimera Summoner, in a world on the brink of extinction thanks to the evil sorcerer, Salem. As Alea, a young Dicefolk hero, you will encounter a myriad of formidable creatures to choose from to join your group with the magic of your dice. Cultivate connections and recruit your favorite companions. Keep in mind all of your chimeras’ abilities to fully utilize your team’s strengths to defeat Salem and free your land from his grasp. With over 100 creatures and items to collect, the bounds of possibility feel endless.

The monster designs look sweet enough and we can imagine that, with a bit of practice, that dice system will open up levels of “just one more run” strategy. If you’re partial to a roguelike with a sprinkling of strategy, this could be worth a roll.

Dicefolk will launch on the Switch eShop on 20th June for $11.99 (or your regional equivalent). Those who want to plant their flag in this one early can now pre-order the game with a pre-launch discount.

What do you make of Dicefolk? Will you be picking it up next month? Let us know in the comments.

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Monster-Catching Roguelike ‘Dicefolk’ Rolls A New Twist On Turn-Based Tactics Next Month