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The Buster MAX mode is basically giving you an Easy game mode. Your MegaBuster will deal 100 damage to enemies instead of 1. It’s a big upgrade that definitely makes things easy. One nice thing is that you can easily toggle it on and off at any time from the menu that opens when you press the ‘-’ button. As I’ve run around the net, I’ve definitely considered throwing it on just because of how tedious the random battles can be.

The battle system has you send Battle Chips to Mega Man which can be used together if they are multiples or if they have the same chip code. This means that you have to strategize beforehand as you decide which chips to have in your Folder and which will stay in your inventory. Most of the time these chips will be things like a cannon, a bomb, or even a sword, but eventually you’ll get access to other characters like Gutsman, Roll, and even Bass, each with their own effects. In addition to sending chips, you are on a 6×3 grid with a 3×3 section for Mega Man and 3×3 section for enemies at the start. Certain chips can adjust the size of your space and that helps keep things a little different. It’s a pretty unique combat system and is a lot of fun.

Another plus is the music is just fun to listen to. The graphics also work really well for the style of game and especially when you consider that these were originally on the Game Boy Advance.

There are only a handful of complaints I have and they’re pretty minor. First, the amount of random battles can be very tiresome. Second, there’s no map of the net. As you get later in the game and explore more and more of the net, it can feel like a labyrinth and gets very easy to get lost. I wish there was an in-game solution. Thankfully, there are sites like Dr. Cossack’s Lab that has maps you can look at for help.

I know I’m probably sounding like a broken record, but at the end of the day, Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection is a lot of fun. There are some small complaints I have, but if you want to revisit these beloved Game Boy Advance games or play them for the first time, this is a fantastic collection.

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