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OP: 「My dream girls」by NACHERRY

「悪の女幹部、誕生⁉」 (Aku no Onna Kanbu, Tanjou⁉)
“A Villain is Born!?”

Hard to believe it’s already 2024, yet Christmas is now over, New Years is now past, and winter anime is officially upon us. And not just in force: the titillating variety as well. Say what you will about ecchi series, but if there’s one that’s certain to define the genre this year as a whole, Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete is without a doubt it.

Per the RandomC Preview, Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete is basically what happens when you mesh Madoka edginess with early 2010s harem lasciviousness. In this world magical girls are a fixture: they’re always flying around, always in action, and as per the case of lonely and introverted Hiiragi Utena (Izumi Fuuka), always something to be admired and looked up to. Yet Utena winds up getting the opportunity of a lifetime when the customary mascot Venalita (Fukuen Mizato) shows up to make Utena a magical girl herself – just not the ordinary sort of one. You see Venalita is of the evil variety, and has so decided that Utena is the perfect candidate to keep evil deeds going strong because deep down she doesn’t want to be a magical girl as much as punish them. Hard. Thus where Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete makes its great differentiation: this show is all about magical girls gone bad.

While easy to write Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete off given the synopsis, in truth it’s stronger and more entertaining than initially meets the eye. For one it goes all in on its ecchi comedy, wasting little effort – and having absolutely no censorship in one of its airing versions – when it comes to raunchy transformation sequences and, shall we say, interesting forms of magical girl comeuppances. The sly willingness of the show to humorously showcase the very evident sadomasochist undertones without fully giving into them made for some gut busting scenes, particularly when it comes to Utena realizing she actually likes wielding the whip. Or tentacles. Or, hell, just full on tickling into orgasmic nirvana. Tack on the whole totally not a BDSM session affair effectively being one big blackmail scheme on the part of Venalita and his blunt willingness to not shy away from it and darling you’ve got yourself a pretty fun setup. Remains to be seen how long of legs said setup has, but provided Utena keeps up with the fantastic reaction faces, it’s longer than you might expect.

Although a few more episodes will be needed to get a better sense of what Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete is about (mostly in terms of overarching plot – err, other plot), with decent animation and a focus on comedy this will be one ecchi show any such fan will want to keep an eye on. Between risqué visuals and a penchant for gut busting, suggestive humour, I dare say it’s going to be this season’s true guilty pleasure.

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ED: 「とげとげサディスティック」 (Togetoge Sadistic) by エノルミータ


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