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It’s no surprise that La Brea Season 2 ended on many cliffhangers, paving the way for an exciting Season 3.

The problem was that the writers’ strike soon affected the series. While they quickly wrote and filmed a shortened final season, they have many storyline arcs to complete in only six episodes.

Eve’s decision to return to the portal room alone was rash, and viewers panicked as she was sucked away through the portal to an unknown timeline.

The New Leaders-La Brea

With La Brea Season 3 only weeks away, we’ve started compiling theories as we prepare to enter the sinkhole with the Harris family and their friends.

Certain storyline arcs must be adequately addressed, or the devoted fanbase will be upset they didn’t get closure. La Brea has such a massive cast, so it may not be easy to include everyone, and it looks like they’ve added some additional characters, too.

Portal Malfunction - La Brea Season 2 Episode 14

The Plan to Rescue Eve

The plan to rescue Eve is the central Season 3 storyline, according to David Appelbaum.

Eve and Gavin have always had a special connection, so she believes he will find her, but those Auroras opened up so many timelines.

A few different years were highlighted, including 1986, two years before Isaiah and Lilly went to 1988 to fulfill their due roles. Josh and Riley met Caroline in 1988, so the 1980s was a vital timeline to stop time traveling.

Time Traveling - La Brea Season 2 Episode 14

It’s also possible that Eve ended up back in 2021, where she’ll discover the military-based company, the Hexagons, the ones with a connection to Levi and Scott.

She’ll discover their secrets and how everything is connected, but will it be in time to save herself and her friends? Or will Gavin, Scott, and the others put the pieces together in 10,000 BC?

Even with their connection and Gavin’s visions, getting clues to find Eve could come with consequences. Let’s not forget the red flowers.

The Lazarus Connection

Finding a Clue - La Brea

During La Brea Season 2, James and other scientists were obsessed with developing the Lazurus project and saving the world in the future.

Meanwhile, we learned that there was a prehistoric military base called the Hexagons with a history with Scott and Levi.

It’s interesting that Levi knew of them in the late 1980s and shared their goal of destroying the Lazurus Project and killing James.

So far, Scott has been the only one to reach the little girl, Petra. We’re anxious to learn why they landed in 10,000 BC and where their loyalties lie.

Scott Reaches Out - La Brea Season 2 Episode 13

We’re also excited to see Rohan Mirchandaney shine with Scott’s layered performance.

How is Gavin’s Sister Connected?

All Gavin’s life, he’s had questions about his biological family, and suddenly, he has more family than he knows what to do with.

Adoptees often have questions and crave connection, and the problem was that neither Caroline nor James ever satisfied that need.

Gavin's Family Issues - La Brea Season 2 Episode 9

It wasn’t easy to trust either of them, and James was so involved with Lazurus that he valued reversing time over his son’s welfare.

We don’t know much about Gavin’s sister, except that James threatened she’d be furious with Gavin.

However, that could have been another mind game.

Emily Wiseman joined the cast in an unknown role and was in photos with Eoin Macken and Zyra Gorecki, so it’s possible she could be Gavin’s long-lost sister. We’re excited to see.

How Lucas and Veronica Adapt to a 10,000 BC Pregnancy

With all the issues the series deals with, it shouldn’t be a surprise that they threw an unplanned pregnancy in 10,000 BC into the mix, too.

Initially, Lucas advocated for staying in 10,000 BC even when everyone else was trying to transport back home. He was more comfortable with his leadership role and who he had become.

I’m unsure how he’ll feel with the dinosaurs now invading the area, and I pray that doesn’t put Veronica and the baby in danger.

We’ve seen Sam and Riley treat several medical issues down there, but pre-natal treatment without modern medicine may be out of their wheelhouse.

Adapting - La Brea

We’re anxious to see how Lucas and Veronica adapt to this turn in their relationship.

More Harris Family Moments

Since viewers only saw the entire Harris family reunited in the second half of La Brea Season 2, they will feel cheated if that’s all they’ll get.

While some people watch La Brea because of the sci-fi effects and the prehistoric creatures, many fans watch the series for the emotional family drama.

The series’ central theme was reuniting the Harrises and getting everyone home. Is that even a possibility now that TVLine announced that Natalie Zea only filmed limited scenes?

Father & Son Reunited - La Brea

While shows can do miraculous things with editing and merging scenes, fans may still feel cheated if the actors don’t get to interact a final time.

Will Everyone Return Home?

Our La Brea Season 2 Report Card featured the quest to find the way home as the best storyline because it involved most of the cast.

It allowed different characters like Gavin, Veronica, and Silas to merge their skills and solve Moore’s riddles. Since Eve worked so hard to retrieve the book again, hopefully, they’ll decipher some clues to return home before the series finale.

Soliving the Puzzle - La Brea Season 2 Episode 13

With the new news about Natalie Zea, we’re wondering what Eve’s role in getting everyone home will be. Will she help them from where she was transported, or will they rescue her in time?

Losing La Brea’s lead actress seems unfair, but perhaps the series hoped to get additional episodes to resolve her storyline after the strikes ended.

Ideally, we want the series to end with everyone returning home, Sam and Riley reuniting with their family, and Lucas and Veronica’s baby being born healthy.

While a happy ending may sound boring for a sinkhole sci-fi drama, we’ve invested many hours caring about these characters, and we don’t want the series to end on a cliffhanger with these storylines unfinished.

The Next Plan - La Brea Season 2 Episode 7

A Sneak Peak at Season 3

As luck would have it, NBC dropped a sneak peek today, highlighting the plan to save Eve and return home.

It looks exciting, with Ty, Gavin, and Sam taking charge.

The journey begins as they battle dinosaurs, find romance, and grow even closer as they do their final mission together.

Over to you, La Brea Fanatics. Did we leave out anything you would like addressed in the final season?

Let us know in the comments below.

La Brea Season 3 returns on Tuesday, January 9, 2024 on NBC.

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