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「彼の執事、決勝戦」 (Sono Shitsuji, Kesshōsen)
“His Butler, Final Match”

Use what your mother gave you- Ciel is using his cunning, and Lau’s girls, their natural endowments. Sebastian had the right idea there- the ladies work wonders as a distraction. Ciel’s bepuzzlement was the cherry on top. The guarding ploy was also another genius tactic. Even though this serious is not a sports one, Toboso-sensei still made this riveting in stepping out of her normal genre. And it fits-that’s the great thing about Toboso-sensei, is that she uses the setting to her advantage to bring in all of these off the wall elements, that still make sense in context.

The headmaster- I knew he’d be no easy catch, but to give even Sebastian a run for his money… The way he disappeared like that, there’s no way that’s natural. Does he know that Sebastian is after him? The way he flits here and there, it’s as if he’s purposefully trying to not get caught. Either that, or he’s just an incredibly busy guy. Besides the Headmaster, we get another welcome cameo with the return of Maurice. Yes!! And just as vicious as always, quickly figuring out Ciel’s schemes and snitching on him.

While Team Blue uses underhanded tactics a-plenty, that doesn’t mean that they haven’t put in their fair share of hard work. As nonchalant as Ciel is, it does seem as if he actually cares about the tournament, from the way he practiced so hard. If it weren’t so, he would simply leave all the work to Sebastian. Even Bluewer is impressed. Not to mention that smile- though he won’t ever admit it, it’s plain as day he’s having fun. It’s good to see him in that mode- goodness knows, it’s not often he gets to simply play around, be a normal boy. However- how much of that was simply good acting? We know how well Ciel excels in that area, which is no less satisfying to watch.

The theatrics don’t stop there. In Greenhill’s final, decisive at bat, he accidentally strikes Ciel in the head. Well, it was accidental on his part- I’m fairly certain that Ciel conveniently positioned himself for an accident, in an attempt to gain points with the Headmaster. Ciel pulls off the desperately determined to win act well, reaching for that ball with every last ounce of strength. Green Team certainly got played today, and what a fun watch that was. I imagine previous years’ tournaments must have been boring for everyone (except Team Green), with the predetermined outcome. Ciel scores a repeat of his father’s historic win with the Sapphires from all those years ago. Most truly, like father, like son.

What an exciting match this was. I particularly enjoyed the devious strategies, and just how bombastic and unexpectedly clever each play was.

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