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「閉じ込める」 (Sono Shitsuji, Tojikomeru)
“His Butler, Locking Up”

Ciel breaks into Weston’s history books as the youngest (of only 2) Cox during House Blue’s victory parades. As such, the special Cox uniform is entirely too large for him (lol). But no worries there- Sebastian has him covered with a tailor made suit, and a delicious dessert to boot. I’m surprised they weren’t lined up according to height in the commemorative photo- that sort of thing tends to unwittingly happen whenever you have a group photo session like that.

As the victors, they have the privilege of rowing to Windsor and tipping their hats to the Queen. The boat rowing ritual at night with the lanterns made for a very pretty scene. For these boys, this is the night of a lifetime. For Ciel (who already knows the Queen as her Watchdog), this is all just in a day’s work.

I find it absolutely hilarious that the boys in blue went all in for a ridiculously complicated plan, but not counting on any strokes of luck, neglected to practice the ones needed for rowing. It’s kind of sad to think of them having gone into the matches with a loser’s mindset, but I applaud their determination of steel to have gone through the motions anyway in the absence of any hope. Luckily it worked out for them this time. What a hilariously ungraceful way to end their giant victory, which certainly does nothing to help their reputation as the brawnless brains.

I loved the moment when the fireworks went off and Ciel gazed on in wide-eyed wonder, looking his age for once. It speaks to his character’s complexities, in that he’s had a far from normal childhood in taking on the weight of the underworld, not to mention his past. Yet, he can’t escape his age, which keeps peeking through when he’s unaware in moments like this. It would be so easy just to write him as purely an adult child, but that Toboso includes childlike moments adds depth.

Unfortunately, while our master-butler pair have won the battle, they’re far from winning the war, with the Headmaster still vague and at large. -Or so it seems, until Ciel secures an invitation to a Midnight Tea Party with the headmaster. Really no surprise there- Ciel is good at what he does when it comes to manipulation tactics.

Now my question is- does the Headmaster know Ciel is desperately seeking an audience with him? If he’s fast enough to evade Sebastian, he might be smart enough to deduce that someone is hunting for him. And, if knowing that, did he extend the invitation as an opportunity to corner Ciel on the headmaster’s turf? It all seems rather convenient, which makes me wonder if it’s intentional, or just speaks to the wonders of the combined powers of a demon butler and a gifted actor

The procedure all has a very romantic story book quality to it, the date and time determined by the blooming of an attached flower. Also- what a lovely teacup. Leaving the dorm at night- almost like a fun schoolboy’s escapade, except with the Head Master’s permission. That does seem rather dangerous, I will say, to lock all the boys into their rooms after dark, especially after House Violet burned down. But that’s neither here nor there.

The Phantom of the Opera organ with the secret passageway was a very cool touch. It amplifies the whole secrecy of Weston’s upper echelons. Ciel loses no time in demanding answers to some long-standing questions. The teachers don’t seem hesitant to proffer the answers either, with the appearance of Derek Arden in the flesh. I don’t imagine things are going to end so easily- they never do where Ciel is concerned. The question is, just what will that twist be?

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