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Visual kei band Kizu released their 13th single “Bee-autiful days” on December 13. The release is accompanied by a music video posted to the band’s YouTube channel.

“Bee-autiful days” was first performed at Kizu’s live show that took place at Toyosu PIT in August of this year. Vocalist LiME mentioned on his Twitter account that the release had been postponed several times due to health reasons, but he was happy it was finally out.

The music video references many visual aspects of their third single “Kizuato” (傷痕), most notably the caged setting keeping the members trapped and separated. However this time their prison is in the hexagonal shape of a honeycomb cell, tying the video’s imagery into the song title along with swarming honey bees and sweet, dripping honey.

“Bee-autiful days” is not as heavy as many of Kizu’s past songs, but it still has many powerful moments. Some special mentions include the guitar solo intro, guitarist reiki’s guitar flipping as LiME launches into the chorus, and be sure not to miss bassist Yue’s bass line at 2:14.

The physical single for “Bee-autiful days” includes a live DVD of their August performance from Toyosu PIT. In addition, the band has also teased another CD and DVD release with their 14th single “Ningen Shikkaku” (人間失格), which is scheduled to drop on January 31, 2024.

The member profile images were also updated at the time of their live show in August. As usual, their striking outfits and bold styling seem inspired by a diverse array of genres, mixing PVC leather, lacy blouses, and voluminous silks. Drummer Kyonosuke playfully commented that his hair looks like a lion’s mane.

  1. Strawberry Blue


  2. Jigoku


  3. Steroid


  4. Oshimai


  5. Nemuranai Machi


  6. Ningen Shikkaku


  7. 0


  8. Hato

  9. Buta

  10. Kizuato


  11. Juusei


  12. Heisei


  13. Little Girl wa Yandeiru.


  14. Kawazu


  15. Bee-autiful days

    Bee-autiful days

  16. Ame Otoko


  17. ELISE


  18. Kuroi Ame


  1. [CD] Bee-autiful days

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Kizu’s “Bee-autiful days” music video creates a buzz