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A pile of colourful floppy discs. With one pink disc with a label on it, which features the cover art of my Christina Aguilera x Bree Runway mashup. The cover art of which features a shot of Christina Aguilera in a black sheer body suit. The shot of which was an outtake from her Bionic album shoot.

Once Kylie Minogue was done with her lil’ stint at the Voltaire in Las Vegas, Christina wheeled her tour trunks right into that bitch for her ‘not a residency’. And to the delight of fans, Christina performed a version of the widely adored, shoulda-been-a-single-but-wasn’t Bionic cut “Glam”. And to the delight of Bree Runway, Christina incorporated her shoulda-been-bigger-but-wasn’t song “That Girl” for its intro, which Bree excitedly tweeted out along with a clip of the performance. My mind immediately went to ‘Actually…Bree’s “That Girl” would sound great on “Glam”’, even though when I first watched the clip I didn’t watch it all the way to the end to even hear Christina was performing “Glam”. It wasn’t until later I realised it was the song. So, with that idea in my head, I just went ahead and put them together. Posted a snippet of the mix in reply to Bree’s tweet and then toddled off for a nap.

[Cue Spongebob ‘Two hours later’ card]

I awaken to my mentions being an absolute mess of Christina Aguilera fans retweeting my tweet and quoting my tweet. All because Bree went and-

I was also harassed to released the full version. So, to those of you that did…

I always say I don’t ever do anything with the intent of it to reaching anybody beyond a few people, so am always surprised when something does. But it’s been fun to see people be excited about a piece of music. Especially a song that many fans feel got slighted by not being a single off an album that got so horribly rolled out and promoted – given a new twist via the inclusion of a pop loving girl who should be far bigger than she is.

I will never forgive everybody for making “Somebody Like You” flop. If we’re talking Christina and Bree together on existing songs, THAT right there is a song Christina would sound great on.

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(Kinda) Mashup: Christina Aguilera featuring Bree Runway