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変身-弐-(Henshin -Ni-)
“Metamorphosis, Part 2”

Oh? A review actually on time?! Don’t get used to it because we have one more episode to go. JK. I’m officially liberated from office duties and can laze around and play video games all day – and they pay me. Capitalism I tell you. My office returns on the 3rd. Life update aside, let’s get down to the episode.

I’m all up for this. Like I previously mentioned – this ending – although pretty much the same – was much more difficult to visualize in the manga, as I feel it was – oh that’s it?! – the big fight translates so much better to anime, and the cool moments the manga brings forth are executed here to the max. For example – when Geto finally exorcises Mahito. Here Mahito almost begs for his life, begs to continue living in those final moments. The manga is very much like – oh yeah that happened – like it’s a different vibe. That’s why I’m very happy with how they are treating the source material. They are doing whatever they want and taking risks left and right. But that’s a good thing because manga doesn’t always translate to anime. So the director is doing a great job at seeing the movement in the panels. But I’m gushing. It’s just a different experience that’s all.

Okay, so why Uzumaki? Don’t quote me on this because I don’t really remember my source – maybe Reddit – but I think Gege actually wanted to pay tribute to Junji’s Ito Uzumaki by incorporating it as a special skill. Yes – that Uzamaki the famous horror manga about a town consumed by a spiral. It is in fact the man that contorts in the well. In fact, it’s almost so similar it’s uncanny. I think maybe I read this in the pages of the manga. Again don’t quote me – but the similarity is there. And it’s big enough to elicit such thoughts. Not only that – Geto’s attack holds the same name as Junji’s Ito titular work. And is even very similar.

Aside from pointing the obvious I thought I should confirm it for anyone thinking if that was the case – it’s very much so. Anyway – Choso shows up and finally announces to the viewers that he is in fact Yuji’s older brother. It’s all very complicated but he’s not spouting nonsense. Yuji is actually related to Choso. But the connection will probably be revealed in full next episode. They treated it as a big plot point in this episode. Which I enjoyed. So yes Choso has officially joined the good guys. Choso plays an important role later on in the manga! Yuji even warms up to him being able to call him oni-chan at one point. Yes, it’s blood-related. Around 20 years or so of difference. How old is Yuji again?!

Choso gives it his all because brotherly love is everything to him and he must protect his otto-to at all costs – this includes going against Geto, the plan has changed a little bit. But Geto isn’t worried.

I loved this fight – I would have liked an Itano Circus of blood but we were strapped for time. There’s this other little moment that I liked – it was almost like Yuji was about to let his hair fall down, but he pushed it back up. As if the look and the hair are important to keep his power up. Miwa also made an appearance trying to protect everyone and avenge Mechamaru. But like she can never get anything done. This girl needs to cook and come back OP. And in one final deux ex machina. Yuki arrives on the scene – calling back to a previous scene at the beginning of the season. Actually, what is Geto’s type?

Nevertheless – it’s Infinity War over here but with Jujutsu Sorcerers. Looking forward to next week. What are your thoughts?

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