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雪月花 Setsugetsuka

松任谷 由実 Yumi Matsutoya

Released in February 2003, this song is her 36th single.  This is not “the most” popular songs among Yuming’s many hit songs, but this is definitely popular song among her fans and she often performs on stage during her concert tour by the request from her fans.

This is a beautiful ballad and the lyrics can be interpreted to different stories according to listeners.  “雪月花 Setsugetsuka” means natural beauty in four seasons like, “雪 Snow in winter”、”月 Moon in autumn”, and “花 Flower in spring”.  As the season changes, you can always find beauty in the nature.

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Japanese pronunciation
English translation

ああ そんな に 眩しい      目  で
Ah   sonna ni mabushii me de 
Ah, with such dazzling eyes
don’t look at me
昔        会った  頃   とは   もう  ちがってる   私達
mukashi atta koro niwa mou chigatteru watashitachi 
We are different from the time we’ve met

ああ いろんな こと が  あった 離れて     から
Ah    ironna  koto ga atta    hanarete kara
Ah many things happened after we parted
口     に  出して   言わなく ても
kuchi ni dashite iwanaku temo 
Even though we don’t put it in words
微笑み    合えた なら いい の
hohoemi aeta  nara   ii   no 
it would be enough if we could smile at each other 

満ち    欠ける   月    の ように
michi-kakeru tsuki no youni
Like waxing and waning of the moon
日々 に 姿       が  変わっても
hibi ni sugata ga kawattemo 
Even though the figure changes as the day passes
いつも  あなた  だけ  は
itsumo anata dake wa 
only you could always
私        の   こと わかる  と  信じていた
watashi no koto wakaru to shinjiteita
find me, I’ve believed so

ああ どんな に 夜    を 越えて 会いたかった か
Ah  donna ni yoru wo koete aitakatta     ka
Ah how I wanted to meet you over the night
死んだ  方    が  まし  と  思う
shinda hou ga mashi to omou
I even thought dying is better than 
苦しさ      に   名前   を 呼んだ
kurushisa ni namae wo yonda 
this pain so I called out your name

吹き すさぶ   粉雪        に ひとり 閉ざされて いても
fuki-susabu konayuki ni hitori tozasarete itemo 
Even when hard-blowing powder snow locked me alone,
きっと 私         だけ  は
kitto   watashi dake wa 
I’ve been thinking only I 
あなた の こと  わかる  と 思った
anata no koto wkaaru to omotta 
could find you 

春     が  来て  緑     は  萌えて
haru ga kite midori wa moete 
When the spring has come, green sprouts
今日  の  景色     も   まぼろし    に  なる
kyou no keshiki mo maboroshi ni naru 
this scenery will become an illusion
そして  また    冬   が  来る  とき
soshite mata fuyu ga kuru toki
And again when the winter comes, 
今日  の   瞳     に    励まされる
kyou no hitomi ni hagemasareru 
today’s gaze will encourage me

ああ そんなに やさしい   目   で  みつめないで
Ah    sonnani  yasashii me de mitsumenaide
Ah don’t look at me with such gentle eyes
なつかしくて       なつかしくて
natsukashikute natsukashikute 
I’ve missed it so much 
涙         が  止まらなく   なる  の
namida ga tomaranaku naru no 
that I can’t stop tears from falling

満ちて   来る 陽  の   光    に
michite kuru hi no hikari ni 
Sunlight that start to fill the air
雪     解け の  音    が きこえる
yuki-doke no oto ga kikoeru 
and I can hear the sound of melting snow
やがて  哀しみ      にも    時   は   流れ
yagate kanashimi nimo toki wa nagare 
Soon even in sadness, the time passes
海   へ と   注いで ゆく
umi e to sosoide yuku 
and flows into the ocean

哀しみ       にも   時   は   流れ
kanashimi nimo toki wa nagare 
Even in sadness the time passes
海   へ と 注いで  ゆく
umi e to sosoide yuku 
and flows into the ocean
喜び       なら  分かち  合って
yorokobi nara wakachi-atte 
If it is joy, let’s share
いっしょ に  運んで   ゆこう
issho     ni hakonde yukou
and carry on together

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