Knowing the timeline of Disney Plus’ new Star Wars series, The Acolyte, many are wondering if Yoda will have a cameo or an extended role in the show. Set during the High Republic era, it acts as a prequel to Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace. But whether the iconic fan-favorite Jedi master shows up in the series remains to be seen.

Does Yoda appear in Star Wars: The Acolyte?

According to the series creator, Yoda won’t appear in Star Wars: The Acolyte.

The High Republic era of Star Wars was between 500 BBY – 100 BBY. As per The Acolyte’s timeline, it takes place towards the latter stages of the High Republic era, around a hundred years before The Phantom Menace (32 BBY). This was a time when Yoda was alive and active as a Grand Master of the Jedi Order. After all, he was born way before the High Republic era even began, being 900 years old at the time of his demise. So theoretically, a cameo from the little green Jedi master would be possible.

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His appearance would establish a strong connection with the Star Wars mythology. Additionally, it would entice the fandom in the same way as The Mandalorian did with Luke Skywalker’s inclusion towards the end of Season 1. However, a cameo from Yoda isn’t a surety. He hasn’t been spotted or even alluded to in any promotional material for The Acolyte. Before the show’s release on Disney Plus, series creator Leslye Headland also denied his cameo in an interview with

Yoda at Jedi Council
Image Credit: Disney

When asked about it, she implied that she wouldn’t have been permitted to use Yoda even if she wanted to. She said:

“Can you imagine? Can you imagine if they were like, ‘No problem. You can use Yoda. Not a big deal. Go for it.’ No, there is not [a Yoda cameo].”

She further clarified that viewers will mostly get to witness newer characters from the High Republic mythos who haven’t appeared in live-action:

“We are pulling characters from the High Republic, and characters from EU [Expanded Universe]. That’s it.”

So, fans shouldn’t bank on a Yoda appearance as there’s a very slim chance of it, especially after Headland’s statement. But the Grand Jedi Master could at least be mentioned now and then.

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Is Yoda in Star Wars: The Acolyte?