Actor Glen Powell, best known for Anybody but You and Top Gun: Maverick, recently opened up about moving out of Los Angeles. This gave rise to rumors about the actor leaving Hollywood. Is this a temporary break or a permanent goodbye to acting?

Here’s everything you need to know about Glen Powell’s future in the industry.

Is Glen Powell done with Hollywood?

No, Glen Powell is not done with working in Hollywood.

However, in a cover story for The Hollywood Reporter, Powell spoke about moving back home to Texas and leaving his current residence in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles. “The advantage of getting to this point in Hollywood is that I can now leave Hollywood. It’s like I’ve earned the ability to go back to my family,” the actor said.

In the same interview, the actor divulged what he finds uncomfortable and mentioned the “fishbowl feeling” of Hollywood. Adding to this, he said, “This idea that you’re a function here. Someone will go, ‘Hey, friend, want to come to this guy’s house? Yeah, come over.’ And then you show up, and suddenly you’re there for, like, someone’s tequila launch and all of a sudden there’s a photographer and you’re like, ‘Wait, what are we doing here?’ And I think you get enough of those that you just want to bring your family as close as possible — or run to them.”

Is Glen Powell quitting acting?

No, Glen Powell is not quitting acting. He is only moving back to Texas to live with his family.

The actor said wants to move away from the buzz around Hollywood and is also planning to complete his college degree. He also added that it was fellow Texan Matthew McConaughey, who advised him to move back to Austin for a while.

Mimicking McConaughey, Powell said, “He’s like, ‘Hollywood is the Matrix, man. You plug in and it’s all fake world’. He’s like, ‘Then I go to Austin, and I unplug. It’s all real. Those are my friends, that’s my family, my actions matter there.’”

In conclusion, Glen Powell will continue working as an actor and won’t be retiring anytime soon.

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Is Glen Powell Leaving Hollywood & Quitting His Acting Career?