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The Good Place is an exploration of the afterlife in a comedic style. Eleanor Shellstrop, a not-so-good person, mistakenly ends up in a heaven-like place. To avoid being sent to the Bad Place, Eleanor tries to become a better person with the help of her fellow residents and a mischievous architect. The series addresses questions about morality, ethics, and what it truly means to be good or a bad person.

How to watch The Good Place streaming online

You can watch The Good Place via Netflix. Netflix features a wide range of movies, series and documentaries from various genres and languages that you can stream anytime.

To watch all seasons of The Good Place online, sign up for an account on Netflix through their website and select your desired subscription plan. After the process is complete you can easily watch all the episodes either through their website or application. 

Can you watch The Good Place online for free legally?

You can’t watch The Good Place for free.

Netflix does not offer an option for a free trial and is strictly a paid subscription service. Hence, you cannot watch all seasons of The Good Place for free on the platform. 

What is The Good Place about?

The Good Place focuses on the afterlife where Eleanor, a selfish woman on Earth, ends up in a good heavenly place by mistake. This Good Place is a colorful neighborhood filled with frozen yogurt and dream houses. To avoid being found and sent to the Bad Place like she initially was to, Eleanor vows to change her ways. She gets help from her not-so-secret soulmate Chidi, a moral philosophy professor, and other characters. Together, they navigate the comedic highs and lows of becoming a better person. The cast features Kristen Bell as Eleanor and Ted Danson as Michael, among many others, in major roles.

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How to Watch The Good Place Online