We’ve gotten frequent updates about the health of Michael Strahan’s daughter as she continues her fight against brain cancer. It’s been almost a year since Isabella Strahan was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a particularly invasive and rapidly growing form of tumor that typically forms between the brainstem and cerebellum. Fortunately, Isabella has pulled through so far, and you can see where she is in her journey to beat cancer below.

Michael Strahan’s daughter health update: How is she doing now?

Michael Strahan’s daughter Isabella celebrated her final round of chemotherapy last month. It was her fourth round of treatment and was used in conjunction with three surgical procedures in an attempt to prevent the spread of the medulloblastoma and hopefully force it into remission.

Fortunately, Isabella seems to be doing well. In a recent Instagram post, she claims she’s “starting July off right” and posing in a bikini top and jeans shorts. While she still has issues associated with the medulloblastoma and the intensive treatment she received, she’s doing much better than when she discovered her condition in October 2023.

Isabella stated that the first symptom she noticed associated with her medulloblastoma was a headache. However, it soon gave way to nausea, and eventually, her balance was affected, and she couldn’t walk straight. Eventually, she started throwing up blood, which was the point she decided to seek medical treatment.

Unfortunately, the treatment itself has side effects. In addition to general tiredness and nausea caused by chemotherapy, Isabella has had issues with medications that have caused her to have memory loss. She’s also experienced rigors, which only add to her discomfort.

However, Isabella’s prognosis seems to be good, and Michael Strahan and the rest of her family are optimistic about her outlook. Isabella’s strength and resilience have been a source of inspiration for many. The Strahan family continues to support her through this challenging journey, celebrating her progress and cherishing each milestone.

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How is Her Brain Cancer Treatment Progressing?