The ongoing costume C-drama The Double, starring Wu Jinyan and Wang Xingyue in the lead roles, released episode 10 on June 5, 2024. The episode primarily focuses on the entry examination that Fang Fei (Wu Jinyan) and her team participate in.

In this episode, after Fang Fei gets better, Xiao Heng (Wang Xingyue) advises her to be tough and not lose control of her own fate. He reminds her that everyone tends to take advantage of a fragile person. The two bond over a shared meal. Xiao Heng’s warm nature reminds Fang Fei of her family.

Fang Fei and her companions bravely face the Li brothers on the first day of the entry examination. Whoever will come last in the examination must leave Mingyi Hall and the Imperial Academy. Fang Fei’s ex-husband, Xue Yu Rong, is there to host the examination. Fang Fei gets stressed to see her killer before her eyes but soon is able to get over her fear.

After the first round, Ye Shijie from Fang Fei’s team gets selected for the final round. Although he successfully answers all the questions that come his way, he starts to lose at the last moment. But he quickly gets back on track. When Xue asks a political question, Ye Shijie answers it correctly. The two competitors end the round with a tie.

Li Lian is upset with Yu Rong for reprimanding his older brother in public and expresses his wish to teach him a lesson. On the other hand, Li Jin is far calmer and composed and advises his brother to leave Yu Rong alone. He reminds him that Yu Rong didn’t side with any of the influential families despite being poor. He even gets approval from the emperor himself.

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Meanwhile, Fang Fei’s memories continue to haunt Xue Yu Rong. Every time he recalls her voice or her face, he goes into a state of unbearable agony.

On the next day of the examination, Jiang Jingrui from Fang Fei’s team faces Shen Ruyun in a go match. Shen Ruyun is Fang Fei’s ex-sister-in-law who made her life a living hell with her stubborn nature and temper tantrums. After a long and intense match, Jingrui defeats Ruyun. Shen Ruyun creates a huge scene in front of everyone and passes out.

She tries to convince her brother that Jiang Li bears an uncanny resemblance to his late wife, Fang Fei. Furthermore, she is the reason why Ruyun could not concentrate on the game. Yu Rong has had enough and slaps her. He blames her for plotting against Fang Fei when she was alive and joining hands with Wanning to kill her.

The incredible adherence of Liu Xu, helps Fang Fei’s team win at the archery competition as well. Xiao Heng visits Fang Fei to check up on her injury. He advises her not to be impatient, or she will lose at the last step. He once again takes her to Jiu Yue so she can treat her.

The Double is available to stream throughout the week on Youku.

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