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Episode 21

Episode 22

「フェーズ2 / 解呪」 (Fueezu 2 / Kaiju)
“Phase 2 / Spell Breaker”

Hard to believe we’re down to the last couple weeks of Helck, but honestly winter days make the time fly and this series has certainly learned how to speed up now that everything is out in the open. And I mean out the in the open: villains are identified, purposes are revealed, and the conclusion is slowly making its grand debut. Oh and surprise, unobtainable romance in the close, cannot forget about it. There’s nothing like finale time to keep things interesting.

Probably the biggest surprise – or rather lack of it – is that humanity’s King is effectively a figurehead. Although the true face of the guy remains an unknown, the outing of Mikaros as the (for the moment) big baddie and Raphaed being his effective second in command show that the objective of awakening is, as expected, more than simply defeating demonkind. Much as to be expected with this type of the story the goal is bringing about a new world via the fuel of demonic death, even if said world is, per Azudra’s remarks, something that even Mikaros probably wouldn’t like. What purpose does bringing about a place full of ridiculous monsters serve? I have no idea, but no denying Helck at least has a goal in mind for all the angel on demon violence.

The main thing left for Helck to explain then comes the matter of Rafaed and how Helck and Vamirio both will wind up saving the day. Sharuami after all is now known as the source of awakening (albeit seemingly unknown to herself) and Rafaed wouldn’t be engaging with a plan that would see him or his daughter dead – expect this to get an answer once Asta starts further prodding at the enemy, particularly if Sharuami breaks her mental conditioning. As for Helck and company fairly easy seeing how they walk in on this, especially considering what Azudra is getting up to and how he’s conveniently keeping Mikaros away from the real zone of battle. While second stage awakening and the inevitable Helck facing his past are guaranteed constants for this upcoming battle, in the end I think we all know how it’s going to turn out and what sort of ending is in store.

The only question is how over the top it all gets before those curtains close.



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