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Helck – 07 – Random Curiosity

Helck – 07 – Random Curiosity


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「人間の王」 (Ningen no Ou)
“The Human King”

You know there’s nothing like a bit of satisfaction watching predictions roll on in apace. Although Helck still enjoys keeping its cards close to its chest (truly a running theme at this stage), suffice to say the main conflict is now forming and the battlelines are being drawn. Or, in Helck’s case, the process through which Vamirio learns to love her friendly neighbourhood hero takes proper shape. Oh yes, I’m liking where this is heading.

While easy to garner previously that something was up with Helck’s version of humanity, I don’t think many had the root of it being resurrection into perpetual obedient servitude. Humans hating demons enough to sign away their lives to the cause sure. Other humans seeking out allies in historic enemies to save their comrades definitely. But humans winding up pulling total transformation potentially because one king happened to know the right magical command? That’s spicing matters up a notch. Naturally this leads to who exactly the human king is, and that is something I suspect will contain the biggest twist thus far of them all. I mean, I’m not going as far as saying Helck’s brother could be the man behind the mask and with reason to go so far – but I sure as hell ain’t discounting the idea considering why the happy-go-lucky sport is busy making friends with demonkind.

As for the pointy ears, their situation too is likely to get chaotic sooner rather than later. The alluded nature of humanity’s continual resurrection leans towards later fights being even more brutal, dangerous, and challenging than the couple so far to date. Hyura after all might hold her own right now, but what about in round five? How long can Azudora’s love of the trees make up for pint sized fireball missing in action? And I think we all know how much to expect from the great sugared barrier of invincibility. In short there’s a timer at play, one ensuring that the demons will lose unless they can pull a figurative rabbit from the hat, and something guaranteeing a bit of suspense in what otherwise has been a fairly lighthearted story to date.

Helck may not wind up fully embracing the dark side going forward, but methinks there are a few pointy edges waiting for their grand reveal.



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