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Image via My Hero Academia anime’s website

Cygames massively popular mobile game Granblue Fantasy is no stranger to collaborations. From anime series like Doraemon or Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba to video games such as Persona 5 or Street Fighter, there is a large variety to the game’s collaborations. And the new year will start off strong for Granblue Fantasy with its My Hero Academia collaboration event starting on Friday, January 12.

[Granblue Live Broadcast News] The first illustrations of the playable characters “Izuku Midoriya” and “Katsuki Bakugo” that will be added for the collaboration event with “My Hero Academia” starting on January 12, 2024 (Friday) ! #グラブル #グラブル生放送

Announced on December 24, the two-week event will feature My Hero Academia characters Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo as playable characters. Unfortunately, both the My Hero Academia and Granblue Fantasy websites are light on other details regarding the collaboration event. However, the Granblue Fantasy official Twitter did reveal All Might would be a summon.

[Granblue Live Broadcast News] The first illustration of the summoning stone “All Might” that can be obtained during the collaboration event with “My Hero Academia” starting on January 12, 2024 (Friday)! #グラブル #グラブル生放送

The Granblue Fantasy and My Hero Academia collaboration will be between Friday January 12 to Thursday, January 25. While details are still limited, the My Hero Academia site suggests more information will be available in the coming weeks on the Granblue Fantasy homepage and Twitter. So, if you love My Hero Academia and have a Granblue Fantasy account, this is the event for you.

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