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Dive into Japanese Paranormal Madness

Game Info:

  • System: PS5, PC
  • Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
  • Developer: Tango Gameworks
  • Release Date: March 25, 2022
Ghostwire-Tokyo-game-407x500 Ghostwire: Tokyo - PS5 Review

There are hundreds of open-world games set in Japan like the Yakuza series but you know what they are all missing? If you said scary yokai and headless school girls, then you’d be amazingly right! Set in the usually busy Shibuya, the once Shibuya Crossing is now filled with baddies and not people trying to get to work or school. Using your newfound magical abilities, players will need to combat these threats and explore the land for lost spirits, unusual vendors to buy items, and other secrets hidden in this unfamiliar version of Japan. This isn’t your typical open-world game, Ghostwire: Tokyo is an entirely different experience that feels like a supernatural horror game but without the constant jump scares—though there are a few—that many games heavily rely on. Ghostwire: Tokyo is a truly unique experience and if that intrigues you, keep on reading!

Ghostwire-Tokyo-game-407x500 Ghostwire: Tokyo - PS5 Review

Players will enter a supernatural version of Shibuya as they enter the shoes of Akito. After having been “killed” Akito is possessed by a spirit called KK who initially tries to take over Akito’s body but fails to do so. Realizing that both souls have a goal, KK and Akito join forces to stop the threat growing in Tokyo which also puts Akito’s sister in danger. Players will need to use magical powers like wind, water, and fire to stop the entities known as The Visitors and cleanse various areas within the city. You’ll also get to explore a very realistic-looking Shibuya and see what one of the busiest places in the world looks like…without all the busy people.

Ghostwire-Tokyo-game-407x500 Ghostwire: Tokyo - PS5 Review

For reasons unknown a strange mist has begun to roll through Tokyo and it isn’t coming alone. After seemingly making the entire populace disappear, yokai and other worldly demons have begun to invade as well. These beings are known as Visitors, but they aren’t the only threat looming in the mist. A strange being wearing a Hannya mask makes it clear this is part of his ultimate goal and if left to his plan Tokyo could be lost forever. A young man named Akito alongside a spirit called KK definitely isn’t enjoying sharing the same body but together they might be the only way to stop this strange man and save Tokyo before it’s too late.

Ghostwire-Tokyo-game-407x500 Ghostwire: Tokyo - PS5 Review
Easily one of the more anticipated games of 2022, Ghostwire: Tokyo screamed to us gamers here at Honey’s Anime. The idea of a supernatural first-person action game set in one of the largest environments of Japan, in this case, Shibuya, appealed to us from the minute word spread into our hive. Now, after a long wait, we finally have our hands on Ghostwire: Tokyo and we have much to say about this ambitious game! Here is our full review of Ghostwire: Tokyo for the PS5!

Ghostwire: Tokyo throws players into the confused shoes of Akito who may or may not have just met an untimely end. Due to a surge of strange events throughout Japan, Akito has found himself caught smack dab in the chaos and yet is still alive. That’s thanks to his new “partner” KK who found his body lying dead and decided to invade it. While not too eager to have his body used by this stranger, Akito and KK must join together against a strange paranormal threat that endangers all of Japan and Akito’s sister Mari. The story of Ghostwire: Tokyo is full of Japanese supernatural lore and mythos but we won’t ruin the surprises to come. Let us just say that fans of the spooky genre, you’re going to like the strange elements found in this never-too-scary game.

Story aside, Ghostwire: Tokyo is basically an open-world first-person shooter but instead of using machine guns and large-scale weapons, Akito is armed with magical abilities that allow him to unleash various elements on his enemies. Akito can generate these elements as projectiles to weaken the various enemies in-game called Visitors, and then pull out their core to completely eliminate them. Fun, frantic, and occasionally repetitive—more on that last comment in a second—Ghostwire: Tokyo feels really good when you’re controlling spells and trying to time your shield—the only means of defense—to parry/block attacks.

Some gamers have commented that Ghostwire: Tokyo feels a bit stiff without altering the settings but we think it works in favor of this title. Akito isn’t a grand master of magic but KK is and he’s allowing the young man to use his special abilities to keep them both from fully perishing. We think this concept is forgotten by a lot of players but if you do want Akito to move his arms like he’s in the world of Call of Duty you can change the options to allow more snappy responses.

We mentioned that Ghostwire: Tokyo is fun but also a bit repetitive and that comes from two elements of the game, the enemies and the side quests. Being an open-world game, players can guide Akito through a bevy of locations to nab upgrades for his spells and other hidden items to either sell at a vendor—one of the most adorable game vendors ever—or to utilize in combat. Sadly, both of these elements can become a bit repetitive after several hours but let us explain why.

First, the side quests. While these quests are occasionally a lot of fun and can lead to some of the tougher fights in-game, they tend to fetch quests or simple missions more often than not. We did love the lore found in most of the side missions as they often deal with the supernatural stories you find in Japan but we can’t deny some felt overly simple.

The other issue with repetitive gameplay comes in the form of combat. Again, we love the combat in Ghostwire: Tokyo and think it is something quite different for the genre but the enemies you encounter tend to be clones of one another. You’ll often battle Slenderman-like enemies, headless women, and/or martial art females. There are some other exciting enemies thrown in here and there but while roaming around, be ready to see these enemies often with slightly different appearances. Sadly this lack of variety can ruin fights as we groan when finding another Slenderman enemy for the 15th time without a suit on…or a fat Slenderman which just makes us laugh.

Before we wrap up, we do applaud Tango Gameworks for doing a fantastic job of creating a spooky version of Shibuya. With a lack of “living” people, the setting of giant open areas with bustling electronic monitors and Japanese music can be quite unsettling. We equally loved going into tight alleyways and spooky abandoned homes as they make Ghostwire: Tokyo feel like a horror experience. There are a few truly scary moments—one of which caused us to jump in the air—but don’t worry if you’re afraid of horror. Ghostwire: Tokyo has spooky themes but never makes you play in literal fear…unless you’re going to be scared of fighting Slenderman who has gained a bit of weight…

Ghostwire-Tokyo-game-407x500 Ghostwire: Tokyo - PS5 Review

Honestly, Ghostwire: Tokyo is far from perfect and has a lot of small issues here and there. Nevertheless, to say we didn’t have a blast exploring and fighting off enemies would be a downright lie. Visually and aesthetically, Ghostwire: Tokyo appeals greatly to us as we love all things Japan and love seeing this creepy version of it. If you can pass the occasional boring side missions and really repetitive enemy design, Ghostwire: Tokyo is a fun open-world title that brims with originality and takes a chance by not arming the player with guns and swords but with magical abilities ripped from Japan’s long history of paranormal lore.

Ghostwire-Tokyo-game-407x500 Ghostwire: Tokyo - PS5 Review

Ghostwire: Tokyo may not be the best answer to open-world action titles but if you’re an otaku and/or love the history/lore of Japan’s supernatural element, you’re going to enjoy this title. Visually stunning and with some solid gameplay, Ghostwire: Tokyo is a fun treat that will easily last you more than 30 hours! Are any of you playing or want to play Ghostwire: Tokyo? Comment with your thoughts below! For even more game reviews and anime articles keep stuck to our paranormal sleuthing hive here at Honey’s Anime!

Ghostwire-Tokyo-game-407x500 Ghostwire: Tokyo - PS5 Review

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