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Fortnite Festival is a brand new triple-a rhythm game from Harmonix, creators of Rockband, and it’s available now. It features two special modes: Festival Main Stage and Festival Jam Stage. Main Stage is your classic Rockband mode where you can perform songs with your band while Jam Stage is where you can chill and, as the name suggests, jam.

Fortnite Festival is a new way for players to socialize and share their love of music either through trying to get the top high scores or creating the ultimate mash up in Jam Stage. Either way you play, music lovers are going to be having a blast playing Fortnite Festival. Here’s what you need to know to perform your best on each stage.

Festival Main Stage

Main Stage is where you go to play through a variety of music tracks for your adoring audience. You can choose between playing the Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keytar, and Microphone. You can also customize skins for each of those instruments and set your emotes so you can show off your weird or fun dance moves when you’re on stage.

You can queue into Main Stage with three people in your band and once you’re in a social space, you can select and queue songs that you want to play, choose your instruments, then start the stage. You’ll get graded as a band and on an individual basis, so make sure you’re not missing too many notes!

Festival Jam Stage

If you just want to hang out with your friends and mess around with some different music tracks, Jam Stage is the place to go. In your locker, you’ll set up the Jam Tracks in your inventory that you want to use in Jam Stage.

Once you’ve set that up, you can party up with three other friends and hang out in a social space with different stages that you can Jam in. You can choose from using Lead, Vocals, Drums, or Bass once you’re settled and you can choose any of the songs you’ve added to your Jam wheel.

You can choose to change the loop, key and tempo, convert the track to a minor or major mode, and adjust all the BPMs. The most fun aspect of Jam Stage was that you could get completely different songs to work together in an incredible mashup. Jam Stage features a pretty big area for you to run around in and find different locations to perform at too!

Additionally, you can Jam outside of the stages. When in Battle Royale, if you hit your emote wheel and click Jam, you can start a Jam session right then and there, and hopefully some players will be nice and play with you for a bit before you get back to the action.

Fortnite Festival will feature all sorts of songs from different artists in the future, cycling out songs and updating the playlist. For players worried about DMCA risks, there’s a specified amount of time for each licensed track so you should be safe during that time.

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