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[From Left to Right: Jorja, Stella, Renée] Flo in the music video for their song “Fly Girl”, all sat on a sofa, glammed up, mid choreo with their hands out showing of their manicures..

Flo are back with their first song of 2023.

This feels weird to say, because it feels like just last week when they released “Losing You”. But that song released back in December. And now we in April?!


“Losing You” was a great song and nice switch of gears from a string of uptempos. But it’s back to bangers, with “Fly Girl”, which features Missy Elliott and a hook which I’d like to say should be familiar. But given the generational gaps between who I think are Flo’s main fans, Missy Elliott and how old “Work It” is, I do wonder how familiar the hook will be across the board.

This song is hot. And the vibe in the video really captures the energy of the whole song. It’s a very flick-your-hair and acting like you the most unbothered bitch in the room type of song. And it’s great to see it gain so much traction. I’m pressed that “Losing You” pretty much came and went with such little fanfare, given how great a song it was. But happy to see Flo continuing to build their fanbase.

Featuring Missy on a song where the hook features lyrics from one of her songs, also samples that same song, AND samples a song she featured on (“Cop That Disc” with Timbaland & Magoo)? Kinda genius.

Missy Elliott has pretty much just become a featuring artist now, which is fine. Her legacy is cemented. She honestly doesn’t need to release anything ever again. Although I do wish her guest verses were better. Her featured verses over the past few years have all felt extremely phoned in. But more importantly, I wish that Missy still wrote and produced more songs for women in pop and R&B. Missy never gets enough credit for how the songs she wrote defined an entire era of music for women in R&B. Flo would actually be a great act for Missy to write for. Giving them something in the vein of what she gave 702 and SWV could really work, especially as the style of songs she wrote in the late 90s / early 2000s form part of the foundation of Flo’s music anyway.

Flo are going from strength to strength, and it’s great to see. And they have a clear image, vibe and sound which has remained consistent since “Cardboard Box”. And if Flo keep their shit up, they could end up doing what most UK girl groups always dream of, but are rarely able to do. Crack America. US audiences are talking about Flo more and more. In fact, I think North Americna audiences are more vocal about this group than folk in Tears of the Ghetto.

There’s no word on an album yet, but an album inevitable. And if the string of singles we’ve gotten thus far are any indication, it’ll be one to watch out for.

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Flo release their hot girl anthem “Fly Girl”; with a little help from a fly girl herself, Missy Elliott