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“The Prismatic subclass connects abilities and powers that were previously insulated from each other, so the player can generate very novel builds from that interplay,” Tsai explains. “Being able to combine the crowd-control properties of Stasis with a destructive Solar force, for instance, can lead to entirely new approaches in combat.”

The team began with fantasy statements for the first Prismatic builds: “We talked about the different ways the player would engage: ‘slow ‘em down, then blow ‘em up,’ or ‘get amped and go berserk.’ Even though the individual abilities were familiar, they pushed towards distinct styles in those initial combinations to elevate new strategies. But we know the community is going to find even more amazing combinations and tactics, especially once they start using the new Aspects and Fragments.”

Feeling Super

Destiny 2’s existing subclasses are also getting an exciting revamp in the form of several new Super abilities. Titans come armed with Twilight Arsenal, a potent new void Super, Hunters are freshly equipped with Storm’s Edge, a deadly new Arc ability, and Warlocks are bringing the heat with Song of Flame.

Much like the surroundings of The Pale Heart, these Supers also incorporate elements of classic Destiny abilities. For example, Storm’s Edge is described as similar to the Bladedancer ability for Hunters in the original Destiny.

“We wanted to deliver an experience that felt like it connected back to that classic Arc Hunter fantasy while also providing an aggressive, high-mobility playstyle,” says Samuel Dunn, Gameplay Feature Lead. “We knew we wanted to incorporate elements like the Arc Blade weapon itself as well as the powerful spin attack, but with the ability to rapidly zip in and out of trouble in the blink of an eye. Together, with the new air move from Ascension, you can chain together powerful aerial movement combos to keep your enemies on their toes.”

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