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Grab your swimsuits and catch up on MSQ; Final Fantasy 14 is taking us oceanside yet again with version 7.0, Dawntrail. The fifth expansion to the MMO kicks off a brand new arc after Endwalker wrapped up some of its most significant plot threads.

We’re a long way out, but director and producer Naoki Yoshida already has plenty to talk about, and the fan base is, of course, always ready to speculate. If you’re running out of jobs to level or just antsy for new companions, there’s hope on the horizon—here’s everything we know about Dawntrail, along with a few of our best guesses on the future of FF14.

When is the FF14 Dawntrail expansion release date?

It’s not an exact date, but Square Enix confirmed FF14 Dawntrail will launch in Summer 2024. Yoshida mentioned he’d love to get the expansion out “as early as possible” in the keynote but wants fans to remember that it’s summer “generally,” just in case the MMO needs a little more time to cook. 

The game’s history tells us delays aren’t out of the question but are typically shorter waits. FF14’s first three expansions all launched in June or July, while Endwalker pushed its original November date back by two weeks, where it launched on December 3, 2021.

How much will Dawntrail cost?

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Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail: Everything we know about 7.0 jobs, Tural, and the big graphics update